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Where can I go?

You can potentially go on exchange to any one of our 90 partner institutions around the world!

The first step is to think about where you might like to go and check the websites of the institutions in that country (region).

Partners institutions in Europe:

Partners institutions in the Americas:



If you have room in your ECU degree for electives then completing elective units whilst on exchange will provide the most flexibility in your exchange destination options.

However, if you are looking to complete units that form part of your major area of study, then you may be more restricted as to where you can go since not all of our partner institutions offer similar units to ECU. Thus, you need to look at the units offered by the institution and select those you think could be credited to your ECU course.

As part of the application process your Course Coordinator at ECU will need to approve the units you plan to study overseas.

Most of our partners offer units in English, so you do not need to know the language to go to a non-English speaking country (region).

In fact many partners in non-English speaking countries offer intensive language programs as an add-on to the exchange semester, providing an extra cultural dimension to your exchange experience.

It is important that you do not contact the overseas university directly as our partners prefer to liaise with the university directly. If you have any specific queries please direct them to the Student Hub who will gladly follow up with the overseas partner on your behalf. You will be most welcome to liaise with the university directly once you have been accepted there.


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