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Student feedback plays a major role in the efforts to continuously improve the student experience. Much of that student feedback is captured through the various surveys that are managed by the Surveys team within the Strategic Governance Services Centre.

The main student surveys deal with a variety of subject matter from units, teaching and courses, to the support services you rely on such as computing facilities, student administration and retail outlets. Some surveys deal with specific student cohorts such as commencing students, international students, research degree students or recent graduates.

A number of student surveys are nationally coordinated, which provides us with the opportunity to benchmark against other universities.

ECU has a Surveys Policy which attempts to rationalise the increasing demands to run surveys among students. Many stakeholders want feedback from students, and while it is important that the student voice is heard, it's also important that students have some time left over for studies!

Unit and Teaching Evaluation Instrument (UTEI)

The Unit and Teaching Evaluation Instrument (UTEI) is a centrally administered survey which seeks student feedback on their units and teaching. The data generated is used to improve the design of units and maintain best teaching practice. ECU's policy is to survey all units and their teaching staff each time a unit is offered. Results are made available to the individual lecturer and tutor, unit and course coordinators, and school heads. The UTEI ratings and comments are a key piece of evidence in the annual reviews of units and courses written by coordinators.

In-Progress Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (iPREQ)

Higher Degree by Research (HDR) students are surveyed at the end of each year and asked to provide feedback on their experience with a range of issues such as supervision, infrastructure and intellectual climate. The In-Progress Postgraduate Research Experience Questionnaire (IPREQ) is based on the national graduate PREQ, which means a level of benchmarking is available, albeit between current and completed students.

Student Services and Facilities Feedback Evaluation (SSAFE)

The Student Services and Facilities Feedback Evaluation (SSAFE) survey is administered once every two years to all students. The focus of the SSAFE survey ranges from broad student experiences and satisfaction, to more detailed aspects such as enrolments, computing facilities, support services/helpdesks and campus environment. Feedback from previous SSAFE surveys has influenced the development of improvements in food outlets, expanded student accommodation, and improved parking facilities.

International Student Barometer (ISB)

ECU, like most Australian Universities participates in this survey of onshore international students. The survey seeks feedback on four broad themes:

  • Arrival
  • Living
  • Learning
  • Support

There are also questions about why students chose to study in Perth, Australia, and more specifically at ECU.

Commencing Students Survey

Early in the academic year students new to ECU are surveyed about their reasons for choosing to enrol at ECU and their experience of orientation. This survey is conducted in conjunction with ECU's corporate marketing team.

QILT Surveys - Quality Indicators in Learning and Teaching

The Commonwealth Government has established the QILT project as a way to gather sector benchmarkable data on student and graduate satisfaction and outcomes. Results are made publicly available on the QILT website, are also used in the Good Universities Guide and are often reported in the media.

The main surveys under the QILT banner are:

Student Experience Survey (SES)

Each year current students are asked about a range of aspects of their university experience, including

  • Overall Educational Experience
  • Teaching Quality
  • Skills Development
  • Learning Resources
  • Learner Engagement
  • Student Support

Students are also asked whether they seriously considered leaving university, and if so why.

Graduate Outcomes Survey (GOS)

The Graduate Outcomes Survey is sent to graduates around four to six months after they complete their qualifications. The questionnaire seeks feedback on things such as:

  • Employment status
  • Extent to which graduate felt prepared for the workplace
  • Satisfaction with recently completed course

If respondents agree, they are then sent a similar survey (the GOS-Longitudinal) three years later, as a way of following their path in terms of career development or further studies.

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