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Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity is defined as "a commitment to five fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility", and “the courage to act on them even in the face of adversity" (Fishman, 2014, p.16).  It is driven by our ECU values of Integrity, Respect, Rational Inquiry and Personal Excellence.  Developing a culture of academic integrity is a shared responsibility between all ECU Students and Staff.  The aim of this website is to support you, as an ECU Student, meet your responsibilities as part of our academic community and to help you avoid academic misconduct.

What is Academic Integrity

What is Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity and your responsibilities

Acting with Academic Integrity

Acting with Academic Integrity

Good academic practice
and support

Avoiding Misconduct

Avoiding Academic Misconduct

What is Academic Misconduct 
and how do you avoid it


If you become aware of an instance of academic misconduct please e-mail

Include in your e-mail the name of the student who you think may be cheating, the unit it refers to and details of the academic misconduct.  The more information you include the better for an investigation.

You can also seek support from your Tutor or Unit Coordinator.

Find out more

ECU has three core documents that underpin the University’s commitment to academic integrity which can be accessed below.  As a Student you have a responsibility to be aware of these.

See ECU's Academic Integrity Rules, Policy and Procedures:

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