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Change education provider

We recommend that you consult the Overseas Student Transfer Policy before proceeding with your application to apply for a release letter to change your education provider.

We have a number of services available to provide advice and support which may help you remain enrolled. You should speak to a Student Success Officer or the Student Hub to find out more before making the decision to discontinue from your course.

As per the The National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students, a registered provider must not knowingly enrol the student wishing to transfer from another registered provider's course prior to the student completing six months of his or her principal course without a release letter from the principal provider unless:

  1. the releasing registered provider, or the course in which the overseas student is enrolled, has ceased to be registered;
  2. the releasing registered provider has had a sanction imposed on its registration by the ESOS agency that prevents the overseas student from continuing his or her course at that registered provider; or
  3. any government sponsor of the overseas student considers the change to be in the overseas student’s best interests and has provided written support for the change.

If you have completed 6 months of your ECU course and you wish to discontinue, you will be able to apply to discontinue from your current ECU course through SIMO.

If you are currently a student of an ECU pathway provider, you will need to apply for release through your pathway provider. For all other students in order to apply for a release letter, we require:

  • A completed Release Request form with the reason for your request;
  • A copy of the letter of offer from your proposed new provider (all pages of the offer letter are required);
    • the offer letter should be from a CRICOS registered institution and any conditions of offer should be satisfied;
    • the proposed new course commencement date should be at least two weeks from the date of the request to transfer;
    • the proposed new course commencement date and should not be more than two months from end date of previous study;
  • If under 18, written approval from your parent / legal guardian confirming the change of provider;
  • Where appropriate, documentation in support of your declared reasons for the request (eg medical, academic documents etc.).

Any missing documentation may cause delays to your application.

Requests for release will be granted only where the student is able to demonstrate to ECU's satisfaction that granting a release is in their best interests.

The following information may be of assistance to the student in understanding the conditions under which release may or may not be granted:

Conditions under which release may be granted:

  • Student is unable to achieve satisfactory course progress at the current level of study, even after the full range of support services has been provided and repackage is not available.
  • Student claims or is able to provide evidence that reasonable course expectations are not being met or that information provided by the provider or education agent regarding the provider or course was misleading.
  • Student wants to change course and/or study location in order to gain access to greater support and has provided appropriate supporting evidence.
  • The University or pathway provider are unable to deliver the course as outlined in the written agreement.
  • Government sponsor has approved the request for transfer.

Conditions under which release may be refused:

  • Student has outstanding debts.
  • Student has changed their mind about the program, including students enrolled in a preparatory/pathway program.
  • Student claims financial hardship and wants to transfer to a provider with lower fees.
  • Student cites work commitments or demands of employment as reason for transfer.
  • Student has not exhausted access to the University's support services for assistance with issues related to the transfer request or for pathway students, the services offered by the pathway provider.
  • Student does not meet the entry requirements for the proposed course with the new provider.
  • Student is under 18 and there is no evidence that the student's parent or legal guardian supports the transfer.
  • Government sponsor does not approve the request for transfer.
  • The transfer is considered detrimental to the student's academic progression or future study plans. Circumstances considered detrimental include:
  • The student has not started studying, or has only recently started studying, and has not experienced the full range of academic and support services available at the University or pathway provider;
  • The student is transferring to a lower level qualification or different subject area, not offered at the University, for reasons other than academic ability;
  • Transfer may jeopardise progression through a package of courses.
  • The University considers that the student is trying to avoid being reported to the Department of Home Affairs for failing to meet attendance or academic progress requirements or suspects that the student is attempting to circumvent Immigration's normal visa processes.
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