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Satisfactory course progress

ECU has recently approved an intervention strategy that is designed to assist you to achieve satisfactory course progress. You can access the ECU Intervention Strategy Guidelines on our website.

In addition to this strategy, ECU has a range of support options available to you. These include (but are not limited to):

  1. Talk to your lecturers, tutors, course coordinator
    ECU encourages you to speak with your lecturers or course coordinators if you have questions about the content of your unit or results. Indeed, it is useful to discuss any queries you may have regarding your course with your lecturer, tutor, or course coordinator.
  2. Seek help from a learning consultant
    ECU has learning consultants available on each campus to provide you with specific study skills assistance during the semester.
  3. Seek advice from a Student Success Officer
    You may feel overwhelmed, especially in your first semester, by the pressures of moving to a foreign country to study. Cultural expectations and academic requirements may be very different from your home country and you may not know where to go for assistance. Student Success officers at Student Hub are available to assist you on a range of issues.
  4. Lighten your workload
    If you are an international student visa holder, you are expected to study in a workload that enables completion in the registered duration of your course. However, we can grant you approval for a reduced study load if you are at risk of not meeting satisfactory course progress requirements or if you have compassionate or compelling circumstances. (See Study & Enrolment Loads for more details)
  5. English language options
    We offer English units (ESL/EFL) which aim to provide you with English language and academic study skills. It may be possible to credit these English units to your degree course as an elective. Please discuss this option with your course coordinator.
  6. Welfare or personal concerns
    Counsellors are available for you if you are having personal problems that may be affecting your studies. These services are completely confidential and are provided free of charge by qualified counsellors. Please visit our website for more information about our counselling services.
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