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Callista SMS is the University's Student Management System and supports all aspects of the student lifecycle management from Admission, Enrolment and Fees, Assessment and Progression, and Graduation. Callista contains the official academic record for all students.

Callista SMS enables the management of student activities and finances and also supports SIMO for student self-management. Callista SMS interfaces with numerous other University systems including Blackboard, Finance and Timetabling.


Academic staff automatically receive a Callista account. General staff must complete an Application for Callista Account form.

Access to Callista is via the Staff Portal.


All issues should be directed to the IT Service Desk.
This includes issues such as:

  • the application is not responding; or
  • you are unable to access the application; or
  • or the application is presenting error messages.

You should lodge an enquiry with the IT Service Desk as soon as possible, via email: or telephone: (08) 6304 6000 or extension 6000

In some cases, specialist support is available for a particular application. You can find out more information by viewing the 'Support' page within the associated web application page.

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