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Academic Progression

At the end of each teaching period, e.g. a semester, we send all students an Academic Progression Notification by email, letting you know how your studies are progressing. Depending on your results, your progression status will be green, amber, red or purple.

  • Green means you’re doing fine and you’re on your way to success.
  • Amber means you should think about your results and consider taking some action to get back to green for the next teaching period.
  • Red means you must take some action to address your study results.
  • Purple is not where you want to be. It means you’re about to be excluded from further study.

This is a new system being introduced in 2021. Results you receive prior to 30 June 2021 will operate under the existing policies and rules.

How it works

Academic progression rules vary slightly, depending on your type of study. Find your study type below and download the PDF that explains how the colour-coding system works for you.

Helping you stay on track at uni

Everyone finds university a challenge at some time. You might be stretched by your overall study workload. You could have some issues with technology or software. Or you may have challenges at home that are affecting your studies. Everyone is different.

We understand this and, depending on your specific challenges, offer a whole range of support services to help you succeed, ECU is always here for you, even if you are on ‘green status’.

Succeed: A tool to help you turn things around

Succeed is an online tool that will help you better understand what might be affecting your study, should you receive an amber or red progression status.

Note: You can also use the tool if you have green status, especially if your marks aren’t where you want them to be.

Depending on your answers, Succeed will recommend ways you can either help yourself, or seek help from someone like a peer mentor, a learning adviser or an ECU counsellor.

When you complete Succeed, it creates a Success Plan for you.

The new Succeed tool will be launched in June 2021.

Need to chat to someone?

If anything on this web page is unclear to you, or you have concerns about academic progression, please contact the Student Success team.

If you are studying at an offshore institute please contact the support services at your local provider or send your enquiry to for guidance.

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