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New Student Roadmap

Entering the world of university

If you're new to studying at university there can be quite a lot to take in and it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

Fortunately, you’re studying at a university with a great reputation for student support. There are lots of staff and students who will help you take your first steps and find your way around all the student services, support systems and assistance programs available to you.

This page is a week-by-week roadmap that takes you through the essential things you should know about – or act on – as a new ECU student.

If you've commenced during Semester 1 or 2 you'll receive some weekly email reminders to help you along the way. You can read ahead at any point using the headings below.

Student Code of Conduct

We have a special code here called the Student Code of Conduct. It’s important you read it as soon as possible (it’s only 1 page). Follow the code and you'll make life a little better for everyone at ECU.

Consent Matters

Consent Matters is an  online training about appropriate behaviour and positive intervention.  It’s important we have a shared understanding of healthy relationships and can help if we see things that are unacceptable.

Safe Campus

Your safety on campus is our priority, so take a few minutes to download some apps that could help keep you or your friends safe.

Academic Integrity Module

The sooner you get a handle on the academic world of uni, the sooner you’ll be on your way to better assignment or exam results. Get our compulsory Academic Integrity unit off your to-do list, today.

Academic Skills Centre

ECU is one of the best unis in Australia for student support. It’s a thing. That includes helping you with your reading, writing and those ‘being organised’ skills. The best place to start is this page.

Learn about Referencing

What do you know about referencing? If the answer is “not much”, we’ve got you. Referencing is how you give credit to sources in your assignments.
It’s an essential part of academic integrity, so you’ll find this Library guide useful.

Equity, Disability and Diversity Services

Uni can be a challenging place for new students. We get that. So, if you’re having any kind of difficulty adjusting to study due to disability, medical challenges, or caring for a loved one, we’ve got your back. You just need to ask for help.

ECU Guild

Speaking of helpful people, make sure you check out our Student Guild. You can talk to them about everything from second-hand books to events and student clubs. If you’re on-campus you can even drop by for coffee or food!

Sports and Clubs

One of the best ways to take your mind off study – and even help you study better – is to get involved in a student club or sports team.
If you’re studying on-campus, getting out and getting social will help you balance your new uni life.

Digital literacy is a skill set essential for succeeding at university and in the workforce. It means having the ability to use technology to access, evaluate, create and communicate information. ECU offers lots of resources to help you develop these skills, so you can be confident working online.

Digital Essentials

This digital resource steps you through the learning platforms used in your classes, and for submitting assignments. You’ll also learn how to maintain a safe and credible reputation online, which is vital when it comes to employment! Go to Digital Essentials online

Peer Assistants: Virtual Peer Support for online learning

Need help submitting an assignment using Turnitin? Don’t know how to format using Word? Peer Assistants are fellow students who can help with all your learning technology related questions. You can get in touch through online chat, by phone or in person. Find service details

Using eBooks

Read your textbooks online! A lot of sources that you can use for assignments are available in eBook format, and you don’t need to come onto campus to loan them out. Get to know how they work. Find out more

Well done! You’ve made it through the first few weeks of uni.

Are you experiencing any challenges? If you are, we can help with that. The Student Success team and others are here to guide you through your first semester.

Student Success

If you’re facing a challenge, the Student Success team are here to help you.
Find out how they can help.


ECU provides a free, confidential counselling service to all currently enrolled ECU students.
Look at this service.

Student Hub

Need to discuss your enrolment, get advice on your course or help with unit selection.
Head to the Student Hub.

Sometimes we get so focused on our studies that we forget about life after uni. Like that brilliant career you had in mind when you came to ECU. So, when you’re ready, we’ve got the time and resources to help you think about careers.

Career Advice: My Future

The skills and knowledge your gaining through your study open up many career pathways, some you may not have even considered.
Head to MyFuture to see your careers pathways.


Start working on your future career today.
Log in to CareerHub and see upcoming courses, seminars, and workshops.

Meet the Careers Team

ECU has a team of people to assist you in developing career skills
Find out more about their programs.

It’s OK to feel a little overwhelmed as a new student, even a little stressed. We take student health seriously at ECU, so we offer a range of services if you need them.

Counselling Service

If you need it, we provide a free, confidential counselling service to all currently enrolled students.

Mental Health tip Sheets

The ECU Counselling Service has a stack of helpful tips sheets for managing mental health, take a squiz.

Medical Centre

The ECU Student Health Services are here for your health care needs.
See how to make an appointment.

Exam Timetable

Log in to SIMO and find out if you have any exams for your units.
Show me how

Get ready

Take a look at some tips and hints on how to best prepare for your exams or final assessments.
Get some tips.

Stay calm

Look at some tips sheets on how to stay calm during exams and final assessments.
Download now.

Counselling Service

If you need it, we provide a free, confidential counselling service to all currently enrolled students.

Exam Instructions

Before you head into any exams make sure you’re familiar with the all the rules.
Read the info.

Do you have your Student ID?

It is essential you have your Student ID with you at exams.
Find out where to get an ID

Stay healthy and get enough sleep

Staying healthy is an important part of exam and final assessment preparation.
Take a look at some self-help resources

Counselling Service

If you need it, we provide a free, confidential counselling service to all currently enrolled students.

Got a question about exams?

Here’s answers to some of the most frequently asked concerns.
Take a look

Remembering to leave time for parking.

The campuses will be busy during exam period. Make sure you arrive on time.
Find out more.

What do you do if you are ill on the day of your exam?

If you find yourself unwell on the day of your exam, make sure you let us know.

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