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Off-campus (ES) enrolment mode

Where do examinations take place?

If you live 80 km or less from an Australian registered ECU Examination Centre or 150km or less from an international registered ECU Examination Centre, you must sit your examinations there.

You can select your examination centre on SIMO under the enrolment menu.

Confirmation of your examination venue will be emailed to your student email address approximately three weeks before examinations commence. Your confirmation email will advise you of your Examination Centre's details, and any special requirements for the Examination Centre (for example, you may need to confirm your attendance in advance, or the examination might commence at a different time).

You must confirm your examination attendance, if required to do so by the Examination Centre.

Availability of Examination Centres may vary due to reasons outside of our control. Should an Examination Centre not be available, we will contact you by email to your student email address, regarding an alternative venue.

Do you study overseas but don't have an ECU Examination Centre near you?

If you are overseas and do not live near an ECU Examination Centre, the British Council has a large number of offices located worldwide. British Council offices often agree to supervise exams and may be able to assist you. For the location of the nearest office to you, go to British Council.

Off Campus (ES) Substitute Examination Supervisor

If there is not a registered ECU Examination Centre near you (within 80 km or less from your Australian residential address or 150km or less from your overseas residential address), you are responsible for locating an appropriate supervisor for your exams. An examination supervisor must

  • be an English-speaking person;
  • not be related to you;
  • not be an ECU student;
  • have academic or legal standing in the community, for example:
    • a university academic or tertiary education employee; a primary, secondary or TAFE teacher;
    • a legal practitioner, Justice of the Peace, government representative, a military or police officer; or
    • if you are located remotely, a training or education officer at your place of employment, or a WA Telecentre employee.

If you would like to verify that a particular person is suitable/will be approved to supervise your examinations, please contact Assessment and Student Records. Your supervisor must confirm that s/he is available to supervise you at the scheduled examination date and time and at a suitable venue. You must complete an Off Campus (ES) Substitute Examination Supervisor Application form and return it to Assessments as soon as possible. Your supervisor may be contacted by Assessments to ensure that he or she is an appropriate person to supervise you.

It is your responsibility to:

  • inform your supervisor of the date and time of the examination at the earliest opportunity;
  • confirm that examination materials have been received by your supervisor prior to the scheduled date of the examination.

You are not responsible for paying your approved examination supervisor. Payment information will be included in the information provided to your supervisor by Assessments.

Examination information and assistance

Your exam date and *time will be available on SIMO when the exam timetable is released. *Note: times may vary according to the Examination Centre requirements. You will be sent a confirmation notice indicating the venue for your examination and if applicable, change of time.

From Semester 1, 2019, a non-attendance fee will be incurred if you do not sit an exam for a unit in which you are still enrolled where special arrangements* have been made unless you:
a)  notify the Assessments and Student Records Office that you are not sitting the examination at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled time or
b)  have applied and been approved for a deferred examination.
The minimum non-attendance fee will be $200.  Students sitting examinations at an external examination centre will be liable for full cost recovery.

*Special arrangements include students sitting their examinations at either an External Examination Centres or with an Off Campus Substitute Examination Supervisor.

If you have any questions regarding examination preparation or the nature and duration of the examination, please check your unit plan or contact your lecturer/tutor. Sometimes lecturers post important examination information on electronic discussion forums toward the end of the semester.

Learning Advisers in the Academic Skills Centre can provide assistance with examination preparation techniques.

Past examination papers are available via Blackboard and listed on the Reading List for your unit. Please note, not all units have past examination papers available as it is at the discretion of the lecturer if these papers are made available.

Identification requirements at examinations

Take photographic identification (e.g. student ID card, driver’s license or passport) to the examination.

If you have any queries, contact Assessment and Student Records.

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