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Exams information

Alternative examination conditions

If you require alternative examination conditions due to a disability or medical condition, you need to register with the Student Equity and Diversity Officer.  The Student Equity and Diversity Officer will assess your needs and recommend the conditions you require to assist you.

Supplementary exams

The Board of Examiners determine where you will be offered a supplementary exam, refer to the rules in Admission, Enrolment and Academic Progress Rules.

If you have been granted a supplementary exam and are not able to attend at the designated time, you may apply to the Faculty for special consideration to sit the exam at an alternative time. In the application you will provide sufficient written evidence to support your application. Application for special consideration must be made prior to the exam and where circumstances make this impossible applications must be submitted no later than three days after the examination to the Student Information Office.

You will be notified of the outcome via email to your ECU student email account.

Use of bilingual dictionaries

Where your unit permits you to use, a bilingual dictionary if English is not your first language, the following examination procedures will apply.

Prior to the commencement of the examination, the invigilators will:

  • Ask if you intend to use a bilingual dictionary
  • Check the dictionaries to ensure they have not been tampered with
Please note you will not be given extra time due to of your English language proficiency.

Calculator certification procedure

Some units permit the use of calculators in examinations. If you wish to take a calculator into your examination but you are not sure if your type of calculator is permitted, please contact your tutor for clarification.

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