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Postgraduate coursework

We offer a wide range of coursework courses across our postgraduate study areas.


Many of our postgraduate coursework disciplines offer Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters level courses which articulate, allowing you to progress from Graduate Certificate to Masters level in natural stages.

Types of courses

  • Graduate Certificate
    Usually comprise of 4 units and are available in a wide range of study areas.
    Most can be completed in 6 months full-time study or equivalent part-time.
    Graduate Certificates fall into two types: they either enhance your current knowledge or they diversity your knowledge.
    Some Graduate Certificates require a completed Bachelor Degree, however many are available to people who have 5 years experience in the field, regardless of previous qualifications.

    Once completed, a Graduate Certificate may be used to progress into Graduate Diploma or Masters programs.
    See our Graduate Certificates
  • Graduate Diploma
    Usually comprise of 8 units in a particular discipline. Graduate Diplomas are available in a wide range of study areas.
    Generally require 1 year (2 semesters) full-time study or equivalent part-time.
    Available to students who have already completed a bachelor degree in any field and who now wish to complete the equivalent of a major another field, without attempting a second undergraduate degree.
    See our Graduate Diplomas
  • Masters by coursework
    Designed for people who wish to undertake major studies and obtain relevant knowledge and skills in an area that is different to their first degree.
    Depending on course structure, can require between 1.5 - 2 years full-time study or equivalent part-time.
    See our Masters by coursework
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