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Panopto for Students

With Panopto you can create, edit and submit video assessments using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

What is Panopto?

Panopto is a video capture service supported by ECU. Panopto provides a range of viewing enhancements for accessibility and to engage the learner with embedded tools such as discussion, notes, bookmarking and keyword search.

With Panopto you can create, edit and submit video assessments using a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Installation of software on a Windows or Mac computer is not required to view Panopto recordings in Blackboard.

To view recordings with a mobile device, you may find it useful to download and install the Panopto application from the Apple / Android store (please refer to the section titled ‘Mobile devices’ on this page).

Recording with Panopto is only available for video assessments.  A link to the PC or MAC recording application is provided within the video assignment instructions on Blackboard. Recordings can also be made from the Panopto mobile application for a video assignment.


Submitting video assignments can sometimes be difficult due to various factors. Please allow plenty of time before the due date to submit your assignment. If you have difficulty submitting your video assignment, you can try the following tips and suggestions to ensure success.

Check that your recording device has the appropriate settings before making the video recording

Many mobile devices default to the highest video resolution selectable to create the best possible quality recording. Unfortunately high-resolution settings create very large files that take a long time to upload and will often exceed the quality needed for a video assignment.  As an example, a 10 minute Full High Definition (FHD) video can be over 1 Gigabyte in size and would take over 2 hours to upload on a 1 Mbps home Internet connection!

To provide a balance between video quality, file size and upload time, select a resolution no higher than HD (High Definition) 720p.  When making changes to existing settings, do a short test recording to check for acceptable quality.

The following provides information on how to change the recording settings for each platform:

Use a fast wired Internet connection

If you have a slow or unreliable home Internet connection, please consider uploading your video using a faster and more reliable network access e.g. on campus in the eLab.  Using a wired instead of wireless connection will also increase your upload speed and reliability.

Compress your video to make it smaller

If your file size is still too big, you can try compressing the video to make it smaller. To compress or convert your file, there are a number of free applications available:

Mobile device: From the Google Store or Apple Store, search for “Video Compressor”. Note any restrictions that may apply e.g. limited recording length, watermark.

PC or Mac: HandBrake is a free application available for both platforms.

To use the Panopto application on your mobile device, you will need to enter the ECU site address and your ECU login details.

  1. Launch the Panopto application on your device
  2. Select Sign in
  3. Select Change site
  4. Select Enter URL
  5. In the Address field enter:
  6. Select Sign in and enter your ECU username and password details.

Lecture Capture Policy

The Lecture Capture Policy outlines the principles to be applied by the University, in relation to the recording of all undergraduate and postgraduate Lectures in technology-enabled dedicated teaching spaces.


If you see a message similar to: “You don’t have access to this folder” on the Sign in to Panopto page and you have used Panopto in 2019, you will need to update your version of Panopto. (Link to the guide above.)

To download and iinstall panopto on your mobile device visit:

if you see a message on Blackboard videos similar to:

“You do not have access click on this link to request access”

Please do not click for access, instead clear your web browser cache and cookies to access the video, a link below will assist.


Clear cookies and cache on Windows – all browsers


Clear cookies and cache in Safari on Mac

Clear cookies and cache in Chrome on Mac

Clear cookie and cache in Firefox on Mac

The recommended browser is Chrome which is fully compatible on Windows and Mac computers

If you still have difficulties please call the IT Service Desk on (08) 6304 6000 and they can assist further.

Yes, once the video is uploaded into the Panopto system you can edit from your internet browser. However, submitting a video to a Blackboard assignment box creates a copy, and you won’t be able to alter this copy once the assignment due date passes unless you speak to your lecturer (like with any other assignment).

You can record and edit your video with whatever software you like but must upload the completed video via the Blackboard assignment box provided by your lecturer, which will take a copy of your file to store in Panopto.

Yes, the Panopto app is available for Android and iOS devices, and allows you to stream recorded lectures on your mobile devices.

Recordings of lectures and teaching sessions are not for public use and are provided for personal study only and should not be shared.  Doing so is in violation of Copyright.

No.  Only students enrolled in a course or unit will be able to access those lecture recordings.

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