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Enrolment dates

It’s important that you know when enrolment opens for the units you plan to study. Enrolment occurs at different times of the year, depending on the type of teaching period your study fits into.

Teaching periods for most students are semesters, but we also have summer teaching periods, trimesters, terms and practicums. In the table below choose the tab that applies to your teaching period, then check when enrolment closes.

Things to note:

  • If you intend to continue your studies for the full year, it’s recommended that you enrol for all relevant teaching periods to secure your preferred times for lectures and tutorials.
  • You can vary these selections up until the start of each teaching period.
  • In Semester 1 & 2 if you have enroled into a least one until for the semester by 12.00 midnight, the night before semester starts, you have until Friday of the second week to add more units to your enrolment.
  • The closing date for re-enrolments is 12.00 midnight, the night before the start of each teaching period.
  • Continue to check your enrolment closer to semester as units can be cancelled if we don’t meet minimum class numbers.

Teaching periods

 Enrolments Close on SIMO
Semester 1 (201)6 March 2020
Semester 2 (202)7 August 2020*

* Uni Prep enrolment closes on Monday 20 July 2020

 Enrolments Open on SIMOEnrolments Close on SIMO
Summer Units starting in December19 October 202030 November 2020
Summer Units starting in January19 October 20204 January 2021
Summer UniPrep Units19 October 202027 November 2020
  Enrolments Close on SIMO
Practicum 1 (20PR1)17 February 2020
Practicum 2 (20PR2)23 March 2020
Practicum 3 (20PR3)20 April 2020
Practicum 4 (20PR4)15 June 2020
Practicum 5 (20PR5)20 July 2020
Practicum 6 (20PR6)19 August 2020
Practicum 7 (20PR7)6 March 2020
Practicum 8 (20PR8)7 August 2020
 Enrolments Close on SIMO
Term 1 (20TE1)31 December 2019
Term 2 (20TE2)31 March 2020
Term 3 (20TE3)30 June 2020
Term 4 (20TE4)30 September 2020
 Enrolments Close on SIMO
Trimester 1 (20TR1)31 December 2019
Trimester 2 (20TR2)30 April 2020
Trimester 3 (20TR3)31 August 2020
 Enrolments Close on SIMO
Winter (20W)31 May 2020
 Enrolments Close on SIMO
Full Year (20F)24 February 2020
VET Full Year (20VF)31 December 2019
Split Full Year (20SY)26 July 2020
Enrolments Close on SIMO
Accelerated Online 1 (20AC1)13 January 2020
Accelerated Online 2 (20AC2)9 March 2020
Accelerated Online 3 (20AC3)11 May 2020
Accelerated Online 4 (20AC4)6 July 2020
Accelerated Online 5 (20AC5)31 August 2020
Accelerated Online 6 (20AC6)26 October 2020

Re-enrolment opening schedule for next year

Re-enrolments commence in the last week of November for all students intending to study the following year. In this week, opening dates are staggered by School/Course to better manage the rush on SIMO! We’ll add these dates as we get closer to November.

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