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Withdrawal dates

Withdrawal without financial and academic penalty dates 2016

You should be aware of the census or reporting dates when enrolling in a unit, as these indicate when you can withdraw from a unit without incurring a penalty (either financial or academic) for that teaching period.

It is imperative to make note of penalty dates applicable to your course.

Census dates

The Census Date is the date on which your enrolment is deemed to be finalised. After the Census Date you will be charged for your course and start accumulating a HECS-HELP and FEE-HELP debt, and your Student Learning Entitlement is consumed. You must make any up-front payments and submit any request(s) for Commonwealth assistance by the census date.

To withdraw from a unit(s) without incurring the cost for that unit(s), you must do so by this date (contact Student Central for more information).

Academic penalty dates

The Academic Penalty Date is the date on which your academic participation in a unit(s) is confirmed.

To withdraw from a unit(s) without incurring a fail for the unit(s), with a grade of WF (withdrawn fail), you must do so by this date (contact Student Central for more information). This applies to all courses except VET, honours, research masters or doctoral thesis units.

PatternTeaching Period
(refer to your enrolment pattern)
CodeEarliest start*Latest finish**Financial penalty date
(Census date***)
Academic penalty date****
1Summer Session1601 December 201529 February 201615 January 201622 January 2016
Semester One1611 February30 June31 March2 May
Winter16W1 June31 July15 July18 July
Semester Two1621 July31 December31 August3 October
2Trimester One16TR11 January30 April15 February14 March
Trimester Two16TR21 May31 August15 June11 July
Trimester Three16TR31 September31 December14 October14 November
3Term One16TE11 January31 March1 February26 February
Term Two16TE21 April30 June29 April30 May
Term Three16TE31 July30 September1 August31 August
Term Four16TE41 October31 December31 October28 November
4Full Year16F1 February31 December31 May1 August
VET Full Year16VF1 January31 December29 April1 August
5Practicum One16PR11 March30 April24 March29 March
Practicum Two16PR21 April30 July9 May30 May
Practicum Three16PR31 June31 July20 June24 June
Practicum Four16PR422 June30 November9 September12 September
Practicum Five16PR527 July20 November15 August22 August
Practicum Six16PR61 October31 December24 October31 October
Practicum Seven16PR71 February15 August31 March2 May
Practicum Eight16PR81 July 20161 March 201715 September 20163 October 2016
6Split Full16SY1 July 201630 June 201730 September 201628 February 2017


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