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Prize winners

ECU frequently asks students for their feedback on a variety of issues such as units, teaching, facilities, and general experiences. We appreciate the amount of time and effort that students put into these feedback processes, very often in the form of completing surveys. Many of these surveys include a prize draw. Congratulations to the winners of the prize draws below!

Commencing Student Survey ($100) 2015

  • Panupong LIVINGSTONE
  • Haydn WEBB
  • Oscar VAN GASS
  • Skye CURTAIN

Unit and Teaching Evaluation Instrument Questionnaire Prize Winners ($200) 2014 Semester 2

  • Steve MOORE
  • Stuart HARRIS
  • Caitlin WISSE
  • Rebecca STOKES

Mid Course Evaluation Questionnaire Prize Winners ($100) 2014

  • Yacoub TAWIL
  • Jodie DOUGLAS
  • Tanya RAPEPORT
  • Andrew SMITH
  • Bethany RANDALL

Australian Graduate Survey Prize Winners ($200) 2014

  • Nicole NAESLUND
  • Olalekan KOMAIYA
  • Benita NG
  • Claire KENNEDY

2014 RP1 UTEI Survey ($200 Coles/Myer Vouchers)

  • Sacha KING
  • Tristan DE BOER
  • Michelle HUGHES
  • Michelle POWELL

New Commencing Students 2014 Survey ($100 Coles/Myer Vouchers)

  • Matthew Ryan Shallcross
  • Sharllene Tracy Salvadora
  • Samuel David Smith
  • Madison Victoria Statham
  • Brooke Lauren Macgillivray

2013 RP2 UTEI Survey ($200 Coles/Myer Vouchers)

  • Michael Kalkman
  • Terri Ann Sheppard
  • Suellyn Patricia Woodcroft
  • Philip Simon French
  • Raden Nurheryany Sunari

2013 Mid Course Experience Questionnaire ($100 Coles Myer Gift Cards)

  • Kolina BRENNAN
  • Jessica FORBES
  • Puti Arvina RHEINITA
  • Rebecca ADUK

2013 SSAFE Survey ($250 Coles Myer Gift Cards)

  • Leesa-Beth BRYAN
  • Joseph BROMELL
  • Rebecca DASSENS
  • Zoe FLINT

Australian Graduate Survey 2013 ($200 Coles/Myer Vouchers)

  • Lilly Adam William
  • Bayliss Jamie-Lee
  • Robinson Keith
  • Labordus Jessica May
  • Forrest Chloe Patricia

UTEI Survey 2013 ($200 Coles/Myer Vouchers)

  • Roya Ansari
  • Tsang Ho
  • Bay Pang Boon
  • Rhea Sue Williams
  • Kirsten Dobbs

Commencing Student Survey ($100) 2013

  • Hayley MEWS
  • Phil COLLINS
  • Rachel KINGDON
  • Michael GREEN

For more information on prizes winners from previous years, contact the Planning, Quality and Equity Services Centre.

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