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University Contact Officers (UCO), ALLY

University Contact Officer (UCO)

University Contact Officers (UCOs) perform an important role by acting as an alternative support contact on matters related to harassment, discrimination and/or victimisation.

Trained UCOs are located on each campus and are available to provide assistance to students and staff who are, or feel that they may have been, the subject of bullying, harassment or discrimination at ECU. The role of the UCO is to listen to concerns, explain University policies and procedures and provide information regarding complaint options and services available to assist in resolving the issues of concern.

A UCO will maintain appropriate confidentiality and may:

  • Provide information to the staff/student to enable them to make an informed choice as to how to deal with their complaint
  • Provide information about the options available to resolve an individual's concerns
  • Note possible strategies an individual can use to discuss a situation directly with another person
  • Provide the individual with information relating to counselling and/or other support services that they are able to access
  • If the individual wishes to make a formal complaint the UCO will provide them with the appropriate information of how this can be completed
  • Document the person's concern in conjunction with the advice and information provided by the UCO

A UCO cannot:

  • Advocate for a complainant or respondent;
  • Provide counselling;
  • Investigate, conciliate or mediate complaints; or
  • Provide support on matters other than harassment, discrimination, or victimisation

If you would like the assistance of an UCO, then please contact one of ECU's current UCOs listed below. For further information relating to the UCO program please visit or contact the Equity Projects Team by emailing or calling (08) 6304 6170.



The ALLY network aims to create a more diverse and inclusive culture by promoting greater awareness of, and support for, LGBTIQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex, Queer and/or Questioning) staff and students at ECU.

ALLIES are sensitive toward and have an understanding of LGBTIQ people and matters that are relevant to them. An ALLY affirms the experiences and rights of LGBTIQ people and chooses to challenge discriminatory behaviours in a variety of ways including by individual example and personal awareness.

ALLYs are not identified as being heterosexual or LGBTIQ and represent the entire ECU community.


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