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Managing your performance

ECU's Management for Performance System, or MPS, is an annual planning and review process that enables you and your line manager to set goals for the year ahead and to review your progress to ensure these align with your area's operational plan and the University's strategic priorities.

MPS involves regular dialogue between you and your line manager to discuss work progress, outcomes and professional development.  

All ongoing and fixed-term contract staff are required to participate in the planning and review process.

Why have MPS?

There are many good reasons for you and your line manager to discuss your performance.

For staff:

  • provide clarity around your role and responsibilities;
  • ensure your work objectives closely align with ECU's strategic and operational priorities;
  • identify your work priorities for the year(s) ahead;
  • identify training and development opportunities through the Role Based Development Framework (RBDF);
  • promote career planning and development;
  • encourage and facilitate ongoing discussions between you and your line manager; and
  • provide you with recognition, constructive feedback, and support.

For supervisors:

  • plan for and communicate work priorities in a structured way - with individual staff and with your team;
  • help in making decisions about staff probation, incremental progression, talent management and succession planning;
  • recognise and reward sustained effort and contribution through guiding the staff member towards promotion, a secondment, or nomination for the Vice-Chancellor's staff awards;
  • formally acknowledge a continued solid contribution and express appreciation and thanks; and
  • provides the basis for you to manage performance improvement and unsatisfactory performance.

MPS supports ECU's goals of strengthening our leadership capacity by building a strong performance culture.

Planning ahead

This part of the site provides resources to help you and your line manager set your goals for the year(s) ahead. It includes access to ECU's Role Based Development Framework.

Reviewing performance

This part of the site provides resources to help you and your line manager review your achievements against the goals you set for the past year and to ensure they align with the University's strategic and operational priorities.

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