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Academic Careers

Academic Roles

There are four types of Academic roles at ECU:

  • Teaching and Research Scholar
  • Teaching Focused Scholar
  • Practitioner Scholar
  • Research Focused Scholar

A role is assigned to a staff member based on the individual’s contribution to the three core areas of academic work – Learning and Teaching, Research and Research Training, and University Service.

Teaching and Research Scholar roles perform across Learning and Teaching, Research and Research Training, and University Service.

Teaching Focused Scholar roles concentrate more on Learning and Teaching and University Service than Research and Research Training. Similarly, Practitioner Scholar roles contribute to the Learning and Teaching and University Service areas, with a particular emphasis on industry and professional practice.

Research Focused Scholar roles focus on Research and Research Training and University Service, and may contribute to Learning and Teaching to a lesser extent.

Academic Career Progression

The Academic Staff Performance Expectations and Outcomes (ASPEO) Framework outlines the University’s performance expectations at each academic level. Career progression is facilitated through the academic staff promotion process.

Building an Academic CV

Need help to get a good CV together? Are you applying for promotion soon? Will you be applying for a grant or a new position? This workshop will guide academic staff to produce an effective CV that will give them a better chance of being successful in their application by clearly showcasing their qualifications, skill set and experience to the best advantage. During the workshop there will be opportunities for practice and feedback, so please bring three paper copies of your current CV. To attend, please register online.

Gathering evidence for MPS or Academic Staff Promotion using the Leadership and Teaching Dashboards

The Learning and Teaching Dashboards provide information on student learning and experience. This information is used for reviewing and improving units and courses, and can also be used for staff review and development activities (MPS) and Academic Staff Promotion. Dashboard evidence for a list of information that can be sourced within ECU.

Career Planning Resources

For all academic roles:

For Teaching and Research Scholar roles:

For Teaching Focused / Practitioner Scholar roles:

For Research Focused Scholar roles:

For further information, please contact CLT.

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