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Our services

Here you’ll find information, policies and people to contact — from induction if you’re new to ECU, to exit interviews if you’re leaving us, and everything in between.

Services pages include links to resources for Managers and Supervisors.

Here’s a quick summary of what to expect when you select from the menu on the left.

Planning, structures and positions

Information for managers about changing organisation structure/positions and creating new positions.

Work environment and conditions

Covers staff employment conditions and a range of entitlements and obligations.

Recruiting, appointing, inductions and probation

This page covers internal and external recruitment, selection and appointment of staff, plus induction, orientation and probation guidelines for line managers.

Performance, recognition and career development

This part of the site includes ECU’s Management for Performance system, plus information about career opportunities and secondments.

Salary and superannuation

Contains information about staff salaries and allowances, performance payments, superannuation, salary packaging and awards.

Work health, safety and wellness

Features health and safety guidelines and procedures for staff, plus ECU’s wellness and employee assistance programs.

Ceasing employment

Covers key obligations and procedures for staff resigning or retiring from ECU.

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