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Organisation Development facilitates organisation effectiveness by improving its people (competency, climate, culture) and the environment (system, process, policy, procedure,) they work in.

We strive for organisation excellence through a competent and empowered workforce within a conducive and sustainable environment. Our services include Individual, Team and Organisation Development.

RBDF will be updated on the last Saturday of each month between 9.00pm and 10.00pm (except November – full schedule is available on the IT Services Kiosk).

Disruption is expected to be minimal but there may be an outage of up to one hour during the above update window.

Performance Enhancement

The Organisation Development facilitation of performance enhancementat ECU is imbedded in our advisory role. The main purpose is to alignindividual-, team- and organisational strategies and objectives.

Role Based Development Framework

The Role Based Development Framework (RBDF) is a professional development initiative that ensures that all staff are provided with learning modules that are best targeted to their roles.

Staff Development Calendar

The Staff Development Calendar allows you to view all Professional Development courses available for enrolment.

Management and Leadership

We offer a variety of programs to suit any staff member who wants to build their management and leadership capability and progress their career within the tertiary education sector.

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