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Academic Promotion

Academic Promotion 2018

Academic Promotion to Levels C, D and E

  • Applications for 2018 Academic Promotion round have now closed. More information will become available for 2019 applicants around mid 2019

Promotion to Lecturer (Level B) applications are accepted year round.

ECU is committed to rewarding academic staff for sustained high achievement in the three areas of academic work that support and align with the University's strategic priorities:

  • Learning and Teaching;
  • Research and Research Training; and
  • University Service.

Ready for promotion?

Plan Ahead

The first step is to check whether you are eligible to apply for promotion under the Academic Promotion Guidelines.

Familiarise yourself with the relevant guidelines, the Academic Promotions Policy and the Academic Staff Performance Expectations and Outcomes (ASPEO) Framework on which performance is assessed.

Discuss your intention to apply for promotion with your Line Manager. Ideally this will occur as part of your performance planning and review discussions, where you set your goals for the year(s) ahead and review your achievements for the past year (see Managing your performance).

You are encouraged to seek further information and advice from your Executive Dean, Line Manager, or colleagues who have successfully achieved promotion in prior years. If you have any questions regarding the policy or process, email

Attend an information session

Prospective applicants are highly encouraged to attend an applicant information session. Promotion to Level C or D information sessions are presented by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor. The Promotion to Level E information session is presented by the Vice-Chancellor. These sessions will inform you about any key changes to the promotions policy and process, and how to increase your chances for a positive promotions outcome. Information sessions have already taken place for 2018, please see the downloads section of this page for a copy of the slides presented. 2019 information session dates will be updated on the website in late May 2019.

Lodge your intention to apply for promotion by completing the below Intent to Apply form and submitting to This form is used to assist you with preparing for submission of a promotion application, and will enable HRSC to forward plan for the annual academic staff promotion round. Please note: Completion of this form is voluntary, and not required to be submitted in order for your application for promotion to be considered.

Develop your case

With reference to the ASPEO Framework, gather evidence and material to support your case for promotion, and then fill out the relevant application form.

Level C and D applicants must also obtain two referee reports (one external to ECU) on the template below.

Important Information - Fill & Sign Tool

The PDF application forms ask applicants to use the 'Fill & Sign' tool to enter your signature on page 4. Do not use the 'Fill & Sign' tool until you have completed, reviewed and ready to submit your application form.

The form will lock down when it is saved after using the 'Fill & Sign' tool, and cannot be further edited. Please see the FAQ document under the "Downloads" section for more information on how to use Fill and Sign.

Submit your application

Applicants for promotion to Level B (Lecturer)

To apply, please use the relevant application form above, include all attachments in the correct order and save as a single PDF document.  Submit your application via email to Applications for Level B promotion are accepted all year round.

Applicants for promotion to Level C (Senior Lecturer), Level D (Associate Professor) and Level E (Professor)

To apply, please use the relevant application form above, include all attachments in the correct order and save as a single PDF document.  Submit your application via email to Applications must be received by the nominated closing date/time, applications received after the deadline will not be assessed.

Please note: The Line Manager / Executive Dean report is not required as part of your submission. HRSC will request these for each applicant after your application has been accepted.

Committee Meetings

Level B - School Promotion Advisory Groups meet as required. Level C and D – University Promotion Advisory Committee and Level E – Professorial Appointment Committee will meet in October.

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