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Alternative Work Plan

Alternative Work Plan

Candidates in different research areas and at different stages of the research journey will experience different impacts due to the COVID-19 situation. We ask that candidates and supervisor panels collaborate on developing an Alternative Work Plan for the next 3-6 months to document these issues and agree on strategies to move forward. This will vary from documenting work-from-home arrangements, alternative meeting formats/times and confirming tasks for those with minimal disruptions to considering reorganising scheduled milestones/tasks, developing alternative research questions, or data collection methods for those with significant disruptions in order to remain as productive as possible over the coming months.

There are established processes for requesting extensions candidature and scholarships, which are assessed on a case by case basis as deadlines arise. If the basis of your request for extension is due to the COVID-19 situation, attaching your signed Alternative Work Plan to your application will demonstrate that you and your supervisors considered alternatives and delays are beyond your control.

The welfare of research candidates during this time is paramount to ECU.  Supervisors of candidates with significant disruptions to research projects or with any other major concerns should contact their Associate Dean Research with details. Your Associate Dean Research is working closely with the COVID-19 Response Group, GRS, and other Service Centres. We are constantly investigating ways to support the HDR cohort, assessing a variety of options to meet the varying needs of individual candidates, as well as rolling out support and advice to all HDR candidates and supervisors as this situation develops. Please keep in touch.

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