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Awards and Prizes

There are many opportunities for award nominations that recognise and celebrate individual and team achievements in research, innovation and impact. Prestigious Awards and Prizes improve the profile of a researcher and are a valuable addition to an academic track record.

"I am very humbled to be acknowledged and to be in the company of many great women in science. I was fortunate to have excellent female mentors in my career. In particular, Professor Mel Ziman, who believed in me, shared her wisdom and provided me with the opportunity to grow. I feel privileged that I can now pass on that knowledge and experience to the next generation and be a mentor for young academics early in their careers. Awards such as these are an important recognition of the breadth of expertise and the contributions of women in biomedical sciences."

– Associate Professor Elin Gray, Associate Professor, Biomedical Science, Medical and Exercise Sciences

"Publications, citation metrics and successful grant funding are critical to successful research track record but being named WA Scientist of the Year 2019 brought a new understanding of how much this recognition leverages new opportunities and research success. The award has opened up so many state and national collaborations and is a prominent highlight on track record and capability statements for grant applications. I encourage all researchers to seek and apply for awards and prizes as a significant component of your overall research advancement strategy."

– Professor Rob Newton, Professor of Exercise and Medicine, School of Medical and Health Sciences

Professor Rob Newton was named WA Scientist of the Year in the 2019 Premier’s Science Awards, read more.

The list below is an extract of some prestigious awards and prizes available and some of which ECU researchers have been recipients of. Award opportunities are also advertised in Research Weekly. – Subscribe to Research Weekly.

Postdoctoral fellowships offered by the Australian Academy of Science and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scientist Travelling Research Award

Previous Winners

Associate Professor Elin Gray has received a 2020 Georgina Sweet Award for Women in Quantitative Biomedical Science

The Georgina Sweet Awards promote and support female scientists who demonstrate excellence in the area of Quantitative Biomedical Science, with recipients receiving $25,000. Elin Gray received this award for her research vision and her mentorship of the next generation of scientists

Previous Winners

Professor Michelle Colgrave was awarded the 2020 ICM Agrifood Award

Professor Michelle Colgrave was awarded the 2020 ICM Agrifood Award by the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) for significant contributions to the agricultural sector. Her research at ECU focuses on analysing proteins, including gluten, and finding better ways to test for the presence of gluten in food labelled as gluten free.

Previous Winners

Professor Rob Newton was named WA Scientist of the Year in the 2019 Premier's Science Awards

Professor Rob Newton believes exercise is an essential medicine for cancer patients to improve both quality and quantity of life. His research and advocacy in the field of exercise medicine was recognised with him being named the joint winner of Scientist of the Year in the 2019 Premier’s Science Awards.

Award Categories:

  1. Peter Wills Medal
  2. Griffith University Discovery Award
  3. Philanthropy Award
  4. Frontiers Award Sponsored by ANU
  5. Data Innovation Award Sponsored by Bupa Health Foundation
  6. Health Services Award
  7. Advocacy Award

These Awards were established to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Western Australia’s best and brightest cancer researchers and include:

  • Early Career Cancer Researcher of the Year
  • Cancer Researcher of the Year
  • Cancer Research Career Achievement Award

Nomination Process

Research Services offers writing support, review and feedback to assist in refining and submitting nominations for key national and international research awards and prizes. For all other prize and award nominations, applicants are encouraged to seek review and feedback from their School.

Where key national and international awards are identified relevant to ECU staff, Research Services will undertake the following process.

  • Research Services will write to researchers and/or Associate Deans Research (ADR) in each school to determine potential nominators/nominees and to gauge their interest in nominating or applying;
  • Research Services will publish upcoming awards/prizes in Research Weekly as well as on the Awards and Prizes webpage;
  • Nomination procedures:
    • Executive Deans and ADR’s may contact Research Services if they identify an award and candidate they wish to nominate;
    • Researchers can self-nominate for an award; or
    • Higher Degree by Research students may nominate his or her Supervisor.
  • Some awards allow more than one nomination to be submitted from the University. In such cases, all applicants will be treated equally. Other awards will permit only one nomination to be submitted by the University. In such cases, EOI’s will be sought from interested applicants and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and/or relevant ADR will decide which nomination will proceed;
  • The DVCR or representative may determine at any time that a potential nominee is not competitive for the award based on their CV will not be able to proceed.
  • Research Services will send to the nominee:
    • A summary of the award categories and a suggested approach for structuring the writing of each section of the application;
    • A list of the required support materials; and
    • Timeline for sending drafts to Research Services to ensure the nomination is submitted on time.
  • The nominee will be responsible for writing the nomination. If the nominee wishes to employ a professional writer to help with the preparation of their nomination, Research Services can provide contact details for external independent writers. This will be at the cost of the nominee and/or the School;
  • Research Services are available to review the draft application.
  • Each award has different requirements for nominators/nominees and referees;
  • Research Services will advise the nominator/nominee of the requirements for the award and assist in compiling the information as required.
  • A timeline will be agreed upon for the first draft of the nomination and/or application forms to be drafted and sent to Research Services for review;
  • Research Services will review draft applications and provide feedback to the nominee;
  • Where a clear statement of impact for a general audience is required, ECU’s Corporate Relations team may provide feedback; and
  • A final draft will be required from the applicant for final approval. For certain awards, sign off may be required by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).
  • Research Services will (where appropriate):
    • Ensure nominator letters and referee reports are available for submission in the format and timeframe required; and
    • Depending on the type of research award or prize, nominations may be finalised and submitted by Research Services.


Application advice and assistance is provided by the Researcher Professional Development Team:

Dr Stacey Waters, Manager, Research Governance; and
Sharon Smart, Researcher Professional Development Coordinator.


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