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For Research Staff - Research journey

For Research Staff: Research journey
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Completing your project

Generally, at the completion of your project, there are requirements to be fulfilled. This includes:

  • submission of final report to Funding Body;
  • final ethics reports to be completed; and
  • closing the project.

Final research reports

Most funding bodies will require a final report at the conclusion of the project. This will normally be detailed in the research agreement.

The final report should be forwarded to Research Services who are responsible for submission to the Funding Body. In some instances, the final report may be required to be endorsed by the Director, Research Services.

Financial statements

Final financial statements generally need to be provided to the funding agency.

Research Services will take care of these financial statements. The statements will be generated from information contained in ECU’s financial system.

Final ethics reporting

You will be notified when a report is due and will need to complete the Ethics Report Form. The same form can be used for either an annual progress report or a final report.

For more information about final ethics reporting visit the Managing your ethics approval web pages.

Closing a project

Once all milestones have been met, the project will be closed in the ECURMS.

Research Services and FBSC staff will liaise with the Chief Investigator to confirm that all conditions have been met. Project closure activities will include:

  • storage of records in accordance with University policy;
  • closing of the project in the ECURMS; and
  • closing of the project within the Financial Management Information System.

Financial finalities

When the final report has been submitted to the Funding Body and ECU are satisfied all milestones have been met, Research Services will notify Finance and Business Services to organise the closing of the project. FBSC will then:

  • review the project for residual funds;
  • review the project for any outstanding assets and staffing items;
  • recover any overspend from the Chief Investigator if the project is in deficit;
  • if surplus funds are available, take appropriate action as specified in the contract (if not detailed in the contract then the management of funds will defer to University Policy); and
  • close project in ORACLE.

Residual funds

Residual funds will be treated in accordance with the University’s Accumulated Operating Surpluses Policy.

If residual funds remain after the completion of the acquittal of an externally-funded project, and the appropriate apportionment of associated costs and contractual obligations are fulfilled, the following applicable processes must be undertaken:

  • When specified within the terms and conditions of the agreement, residual funds are to be returned to the funding body.
  • Residual funds amounting to less than $20,000 and may be retained by the University, will be returned to the School with the intention that these be made available for further research activities.
  • Residual funds amounting to more than $20,000 and may be retained by the University, will be returned to the School with the intention that these be made available for further research activities. However, the allocation of these funds must be endorsed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).
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