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For Research Staff: Research journey
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Managing contract variations

As with making changes to expenditure, there may be times when other changes need to be made to an award, including changes to personnel and reporting timelines.

While not all variations will require the consent of the funding agency, many will.

For instance, all changes of Chief Investigator and reporting timelines will require the approval of the funding agency.

Researchers should therefore contact Research Services once it becomes apparent that a variation needs to occur.

Research Services will be able to advise if the variation requires the consent of the funding agency, and where it does, will arrange for a variation request to be submitted to that agency.

Project terminations

If the researcher requests, or is notified of a project termination, Research Services must be informed as soon as possible.

If Research Services is notified by the funding body, the researcher will be notified as soon as possible.

The following reviews must be undertaken:

  • a review of the contract terms and conditions. Where necessary, the Manager Research Support/Research Contracts Advisor will liaise with Legal and Integrity; and
  • a review of the budget will be undertaken by the Finance and Business Services Centre to identify the impact and a recommendation made as to the viability of the termination.
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