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For Research Staff: Research journey
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Project reporting

Most, if not all research grants require the submission of reports to a funding agency. These can include progress, milestone, annual and final reports. The reporting requirements will be outlined in the offer of award, conditions, research agreement or similar.

Reports need to be submitted by the due date via Research Services.

Financial statements

In addition to project milestone reports, annual and final financial statements generally need to be provided to the funding agency. These requirements should be outlined in the Research Agreement. The statements will be generated from information contained in ECU’s financial system.

The Finance and Business Service Centre is responsible for completing all acquittals of research projects. FBSC, in collaboration with Research Services, is responsible for the endorsement of the acquittal and its submission to the relevant funding body.

Ethics reporting

All research projects where an ethics application is required are approved subject to compliance with monitoring procedures which verify that the conduct of research conforms to the approved ethics application.

All approved research must be monitored. Institutions are responsible for ensuring that research is reliably monitored and establishing that a research project is being, or has been, conducted in the manner approved by the Ethics Committee.

Monitoring involves completion of an annual progress report (if your project is longer than one year) and completion of a final report at the end of your project.

Ethics report forms

You will be notified when a report is due. The Ethics Report Form can be used for an annual progress report, and the final report:

The Ethics Committees also reserve the right to adopt any additional appropriate mechanism for monitoring approved research projects.

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