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For Research Staff: Research journey
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Research ethics requirements

All researchers undertaking a research project at ECU need to meet ethics requirements. This involves submitting either an ethics declaration or an application for ethics approval to the appropriate Ethics Committee.

Notification of approval must be received prior to the commencement of any recruitment of participants, data collection or use of animals for scientific purposes.

For more information visit the Understanding ethics requirements web page.

If your research project involves the use of:

  • human participants; or
  • previously collected confidential data; or
  • animals for scientific purposes

you will need to submit an application for ethics approval.

If none of these apply to your project, you will need to complete an Ethics Declaration.

Applications for ethics approval and ethics declarations can be completed online using STREAM.

Ethics approval

A project account can’t be opened in ECU’s finance system, nor can funds be released until all research ethics requirements have been met.

Development phase approval

In some instances, approval may be granted to allow funds to be released for the development phase of a project, but not to undertake any work that would otherwise require ethics approval.


Contact the Research Ethics Team for all queries concerning research ethics and obtaining ethics approval, including development phase approval.

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