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Health and Safety Inductions and Training

Health and Safety Training

Employees may require health and safety training and licensing specific to the work activities they conduct or a legislative role they hold at ECU. The Health and Safety Training Guideline outlines the requirements for identifying health and safety training, licensing and competency requirements.

The Health and Safety Training Needs Analysis template may be used to identify and document health and safety training and licensing requirements and should be discussed with individual workers as part of the MPS review process.

Hazard Risk Management Training

If you would like to complete online Health and Safety (HS) Risk Management training please contact to arrange this training. The online training module will provide you with a basic understanding of the HS risk management process. By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of risk management in preventing and controlling hazards in the workplace;
  • Identify and participate in the key steps in the risk management process;
  • Apply hazard identification techniques;
  • Assess the level of risk associated with hazards;
  • List in order the steps in the Hierarchy of Control (HoC);
  • Understand that you need to use ECU's risk management database - Riskware - to record your HS Hazard Risk Assessment (HRA) or view your School/Centre Hazard Risk Register (HRR).

You should allow approximately 30 minutes to complete this module. At the end of the module you will be asked to undertake an online assessment to check your understanding of the key concepts presented.

Health and Safety Inductions

Staff are required to complete a Health and Safety Induction at commencement of employment and every two years to refresh their knowledge. An Emergency Evacuation and Training module is also to be completed at the commencement of employment and then every two years after. You can register for these inductions on the Staff Kiosk using the links below:

Health and Safety Induction

Emergency Evacuation and Training

Once registered, you will receive an email with a direct link to the training.

Staff who are based off campus or who are employed at ECU on a short term casual basis are able to undertake a shorter tailored induction program and will be automatically enrolled on each course as part of the onboarding process as per below:
Off Campus Health and Safety Induction
Short Term Casual Worker Induction 

Students should be provided with relevant safety information at the beginning of each semester or as required. A generic student safety information induction power point which can be shown to is available here.

Post-graduate students are expected to complete the staff Health and Safety Induction.

Contractors, Consultants and Visitors must complete a Campus Access Induction.

For more information on the induction types please see Induction Requirements page in the 'See Also' section.

This page is under construction

Please refer to the First Aid Section on our Emergency Management Page for information regarding First Aid Training.

Health and Safety for Leaders

Managers and Supervisors with line management responsibility for one or more staff members are required to complete the Health and Safety for Leaders course and refresh this training every 3 years.  It is also highly recommended that staff who supervise Higher Degrees Research students, lead fieldtrips or study tours or who aspire to undertake a leadership role complete this training.

The training is available for registration on Staff Kiosk under the Managing People and Processes course category (direct links below) and is in two parts:

*Please note that staff who completed the 3 hour OSH for Managers and Supervisors training (ML033) prior to 2019 are only required to complete the ML099 Health and Safety for Leaders online component every 3 years as a refresher.

Health and Safety Representatives

The ECU Health and Safety Representatives Training is conducted by Training Services Australia (TSA). You may register for our available courses on their website under "Joondalup (ECU)" below:

Please note that TSA Mt Lawley courses are not run through ECU and full price will be charged to your area for your attendance.

Five Day Health and Safety Representative Training:
Health and Safety Representatives Training Course Registration
(Contact Training Services Australia to split this over two separate courses to attend three days and then two)

Health and Safety Representative Training should be completed every two years. For one day refresher courses, please see the link below under the ECU Campus listings:

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