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Emergency and First Aid Response

Emergency and First Aid Response

Emergency Management & Evacuation

Digital Campus Services manages the implementation of emergency procedures at ECU. For more information on how to respond to various campus emergencies including information regarding Fire Wardens, please click visit the Emergency Management section of the Digital Campus Services webpage.

First Aid

First Aid is the immediate treatment or care given to a person suffering from an injury or illness until more advanced care is provided or the person recovers. The University's goal in providing and maintaining, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy work environment for its workers, students and visitor includes ensuring first aid supplies and assistance are available to achieve and maintain a desired level of first aid coverage. Further information regarding First Aid coverage is available in the First Aid Guideline under "Resources" below.

Deans and Directors are responsible for the assessment of their workplaces and providing first aid resources and trained personnel to a degree which is consistent with the nature of tasks and activities carried out.

The Safety and Employment Relations team can assist with the arrangement of first aid boxes, first aid training and defibrillators. University First Aiders, first aid boxes and defibrillators are strategically located throughout campuses and a list of their current locations can be found under Resources below.

If you wish to order a first aid box for your area, become a University First Aid Officer or renew your First Aid Qualifications please submit a First Aid Request form to

First Aid Officer Request Form
First Aid Kit Request Form


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