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Ergonomics and Manual Handling

ECU's Ergonomics and Manual Handling Processes are currently being reviewed. Please contact the Safety and Employment Relations Office ext. 2302 for clarification on

ECU prides itself on having workplaces that are safe, with staff aware of and practising healthy work habits. This section provides resources to help you and your manager maintain a safe work environment.

Manual tasks

Manual tasks are defined as any activity or sequence of activities requiring a person to use their physical body (musculoskeletal system) to perform work, including:

  • manual handling (the use of force in lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, carrying or otherwise moving, holding or restraining any person, animal or thing);
  • performing repetitive actions;
  • adopting awkward or sustained postures; and
  • using plant, tools or equipment that exposes workers to vibration.

WorkSafe Western Australia's Code of Practice on Manual Tasks is a useful resource for identifying, assessing and controlling hazards associated with manual tasks.


The Health and Safety Office has a range of self assessment guides to assist you in reducing the risk of ergonomic-related injuries. Should you feel that your workstation is not set up correctly, we recommend you download and complete the Ergonomics Workstation Setup Guide from Resources below.

If you continue to experience discomfort following your self assessment a formal assessment can be undertaken by West Coast Therapy Services. Please consult with a representative of your School or Service Centre's Health and Safety committee for more information on how to arrange this.

Purchasing of ergonomic equipment

This process is currently being reviewed. Please contact the Safety and Employment Relations office on ext. 2302 or alternatively if your query relates to furniture please refer to

Home-based work

All staff (including academic and general staff) undertaking work from home require approval from their line manager in accordance with guidelines provided by the Employee Relations team.

It is essential that the Home-based work OS&H Risk Assessment is undertaken prior to any work being carried out.

For more information about home-based work arrangements, including the home-based work OS&H Risk Assessment, please see 'Flexible work arrangements' under the Work environment and conditions web pages.

Moving to Building 34

Staff moving to Building 34 may also wish to view the video (hyperlink below) on how to set up the Zody chair at their workstation. The video link is under resources on the Haworth page.

If you experience issues with your work station please review the "Workstation Ergonomics Setup Guide" below and make the relevant changes. If you continue to experience problems please discuss with your line manager and if necessary organise an ergonomic assessment with West Coast Therapy.


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