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ECU aims to produce graduates that have strong employability skills, broadly defined as those skills that underpin successful participation in work. Participation could be as an employee, as someone who is self-employed, or as a volunteer. Employers value good communication skills because they make interactions between staff, and with customers, more effective and productive.

Communication skills, in an academic and professional context include written, oral, literacy and numeracy skills and are reflected in a combination of literacies used by a student to communicate in day to day situations, academic contexts and in the workplace. These are key employability skills and are required not only to gain employment, but also to progress in university studies. Effective communication skills help students to improve their academic performance, access employment opportunities, demonstrate ongoing professional competence and improve their own personal effectiveness.

To ensure that ECU students graduate with appropriate levels of these skills, all courses will systematically develop and assess these skills to meet the pre-determined exit standards relevant to the discipline studied. In support of the attainment of the required exit standards, all commencing students will undertake a diagnostic assessment of relevant communication skills in a designated unit, as negotiated with the Course Coordinator. This will usually be a Post-Entry Language Assessment (PELA), also known as “the Writing Task”. In addition, Course Coordinators will designate summative assessment tasks throughout the course which act as milestone requirements for assurance of the development communication skills.

Course Coordinators will facilitate moderation and benchmarking of all tasks that demonstrate exit standards for communication skills as per regular Course Evaluation and Review procedures.

Academic Teaching Staff will be supported by the Centre for Learning and Teaching to systematically and explicitly teach and assess communication skills across the course.


These factsheets give you more information about what it means to be an effective communicator, and how to develop this attribute as well as teaching tips and suggestions for activities that could support development of your students' writing, reading, speaking and listening skills.

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