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Course Learning Outcomes

Course Learning Outcomes

Assuring Learning Outcomes is the process of mapping Course Learning Outcomes to specific units and assessment tasks throughout a course of study. Our focus is for courses to be clearly and explicitly mapped throughout each course to ensure that students’ recognition of their learning and academic and professional development is supported throughout their course.  Our aim is for students to graduate being able to articulate the knowledge, skills and achievements they have gained through their time at Edith Cowan University, and to have evidence to support this.

For this to succeed, academic staff members should explicitly inform students what the CLOs are, and which Course Learning Outcome or Outcomes will be covered in each unit. Tasks and assessments should be clearly linked to the Learning Outcomes, with feedback given to students allowing students to monitor their progression, and a mark allocated to each Course Learning Outcome prior to graduation.

It is also a requirement of TEQSA (Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency) that students’ Course Learning Outcomes are mapped over the full course. In evaluating specific courses, TEQSA will check that CLOs are taught, practised and assessed throughout the course. They will check that students have been provided with feedback being provided to students that relates to each CLO and whether a mark has been allocated to this CLO.

To support this process, we provide mapping tools to help identify which unit each CLO will be Introduced to the students, where the ideas or skills will be Consolidated, and where students will be given an opportunity to Demonstrate the CLO. The mapping tool also leads staff members to allocate specific learning activities where feedback and marks will will be allocated. Any professional standards by the professional body can also be included.

ECU Resources

Staff members at the Centre for Learning and Teaching have created resources to support Course Coordinators and Course Teaching Teams to develop meaningful Course Learning Outcomes and to map these over the course.

Steps to assure learning outcomes

Steps to assure learning outcomes.

Course Learning Outcomes: Exemplars for all courses

This exemplar document can help you get started building your CLOs (staff sign in required).

The document provides the reader with a set of exemplar Course Learning Outcomes for all degrees at ECU: Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor, Bachelor (Hons), Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Master (Coursework), and Master (Research), and Doctorate.

ECU CLO Course Mapping Templates

Complete the ECU CLO Course Mapping template to submit with your documentation for new courses or updated courses.

  • Map where each Course Learning Outcome is introduced, consolidated and demonstrated;
  • Select which assessment item that will be used to monitor student progress and demonstrate each learning outcome.

Follow the link below to download the CLO Course Mapping template for your course:

Course Learning Outcomes (CLO) Templates

Information from this spreadsheet can be added to CAPS to ensure that all information is available to students. Please contact your AAP for more information.

Other resources

For more information about course requirements, please visit the following websites:

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