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Critical thinking

In all disciplines and fields, graduates must be able to analyse, interpret and conceptualise complex disciplinary problems using critical thinking.  We live in a time where information is both abundantly available and diverse in bias and veracity so the ability to critically reflect and evaluate has never been more crucial. Accordingly, critical thinking is a core academic and professional skill that should be reflected in our all of university’s course learning outcomes.

Critical thinking is the process of deliberate, systematic and logical reasoning on any topic, while taking into consideration bias or assumptions that may affect your argument. An individual’s decision to agree or disagree with an idea is personal, but the ability to justify their beliefs is at the heart of creating a reasoned argument. A critical thinker interrogates what they are told and what they read.


Tip sheet

This document are designed to assist you with embedding critical thinking within your unit and will support you in developing your current knowledge in this area. These documents provide both background information as well as practical support for embedding critical thinking.


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