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Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

Technology enhanced learning is the intentional integration of different modes of learning in both face-to-face and online learning environments. TEL approaches will vary according to the discipline, the year level, student characteristics and learning outcomes.

ECU courses will provide technology enhanced learning experiences that develop students’ digital literacies, as relevant to the discipline and the needs of learners.

ECU’s Standards for Technology Enhanced Learning will be used to guide the design of new units and enhance the quality of existing units.

The Standards are presented as a continuum: each section describes minimum requirements to be applied to all units, followed by additional threshold requirements to be applied to all technology enhanced units, and additional requirements to be applied to all online only units.

Minimum requirements for all units

To ensure a consistent experience for students within Blackboard, all units will have a Blackboard presence based on the ECU-provided template.

All units offered by ECU will, as a minimum, ensure these features are present in the unit’s Blackboard site. These requirements encourage and enable ongoing learner engagement through provision of clear communication channels and flexible and timely access to information and learning support. To achieve this foundation, each unit will integrate a quality active online presence in Blackboard.

Good practice for TEL

Technology enhanced units will include minimum requirements for all units as well as a selection of enriched features. These threshold requirements for technology enhanced units provide more flexible and adaptive learning, create opportunities for collaboration, knowledge curation, construction and co-creation and facilitate the development of digital literacies.

Additional requirements for fully online units

Fully online units are designed to enable students to complete the unit online, with no requirements for face-to-face engagement. Online units will have extensively integrated technology enhanced requirements with all interactions and assessments fully online. Unit coordinators delivering an online unit are responsible for ensuring the learning experience provided for online students is equivalent with the experience they would have in an on-campus or technology enhanced unit.


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