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Diverse Perspectives

Global and intercultural perspectives are an important part of what makes a graduate a “globally-aware citizen”. ECU is committed to graduating not just globally or culturally aware but also socially responsible students. This commitment is reflected in ECU’s Course Learning Outcomes as well as in the professional learning opportunities available to staff.

Global perspectives can be best achieved through internationalisation of the curriculum. Internationalisation describes the provision of curricula, pedagogies and assessments that foster understanding of national and global perspectives, and of how these intersect and interact with personal perspectives.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the curriculum are a core component of building students’ Indigenous cultural competency and help to prepare graduates for working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, communities or organisations.

Another aspect of diverse perspectives is that of providing an inclusive curriculum that gives everyone the opportunity to succeed.


Resources designed to assist you with embedding diverse perspectives within your unit or course are available on the respective diverse perspectives sub-sections in the main menu.

The following professional development workshops may also assist you with building your own cultural awareness.

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