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Creative Thinking

Twenty-first century life and work environments present complex challenges to new graduates of every field, to which they must be able to respond. Environmental, social and economic change is constant and requires the purposeful use of both creative and critical thinking in order to face these challenges and adapt to these changes. Creative thinking is therefore a core academic and professional skill and should be reflected in one of your course learning outcomes.

Creativity is best described as the ability to come up with original ideas that have value. From an educational point of view, creativity may therefore be seen as a marrying of creative thinking and critical thinking, where creative thinking refers to the generation of new ideas and is typically coupled with some critical thinking whereby the creator evaluates whether the idea has value or not.


This resource is designed to assist you with embedding creative thinking within your unit and will support you in developing your current knowledge in this area. The resource provides both background information as well as practical support for embedding creative thinking.

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