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Teaching Strategies

Teaching strategies refer to the methods, techniques, procedures and processes that a teacher uses during instruction. It is generally recognised that teaching strategies are multidimensional and their effectiveness depends on the context in which they are applied. There is no single strategy that can guarantee better student outcomes, however, research has highlighted a number of practices that enable learning among students (Hattie, 2009; Marzano et al., 2001; Wayne and Young, 2003).

The effect of these strategies is influenced by how the teacher adapts and applies the right strategy to deal with the target group and help students learn the desired course content and achieve the intended learning outcomes. The intended learning outcomes should guide which approach best suits the achievement of those outcomes.

The Centre for Learning and Teaching supports the development of excellence in teaching and learning at ECU by working collaboratively with both individual staff members and course teaching teams to broaden their repertoire teaching strategies. These resources provide useful practices to guide teaching staff in their interactions and communications with students, individual and group learning activities as well as tips that can be recommended to students requiring specific support.

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