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Conflicts of Interest

The Conflicts of Interest Policy provides a framework for the disclosure and subsequent management of conflicts of interest and outlines the principles, roles, responsibilities and procedures that govern the University’s process.

The Policy requires that at the time that an individual identifies an actual or perceived conflict of interest that is likely to conflict with a University activity they are going to participate in, they immediately disclose the conflict to their supervisor. The supervisor should ensure that the individual’s conflict of interest is recorded by ensuring the individual completes a “Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form”. The supervisor should then provide a completed “Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form” to the Manager, Legal and Integrity.

In relation to the procurement of goods and services the Policy stipulates that suppliers of goods and services (contractors) shall be required to disclose to the University any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest that they may have, or that may arise, with the University or any University individual or its representatives in relation to the provision of the proposed goods or services. The “Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form – Contractors” is to be completed by suppliers of goods and services to declare the conflicts of interests they may have. Where a conflict of interest has been found to exist a copy of the “Conflicts of Interest Disclosure Form – Contractors” shall be provided to the Manager, Legal and Integrity.

The Manager, Legal and Integrity is responsible for filing declared conflicts of interests on the Conflicts of Interest Register. Supervisors are responsible for managing declared conflicts of interest.

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