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Acceptance of Gifts by ECU Staff

The Acceptance of Gifts by ECU Staff Policy outlines the responsibilities ECU staff have when offered gifts, and details ECU’s requirement to record gifts accepted and declined by staff on the University’s behalf.

Nominal Gifts

As a general rule Gifts valued at $100 or less are considered nominal. Staff may accept nominal gifts provided that they will not be, or will not be perceived to be, compromised as a result. Staff are encouraged to declare nominal gifts if they are in doubt about whether there could be any conflict of interest in them being offered, or accepting, the gift.

Accumulation of Gifts

Staff receiving more than one (1) gift from the same supplier or person within a twelve (12) month period, are required to register the gifts in the ECU Gifts Register by completing and submitting the Gifts Declaration Form, even though the individual gifts may be valued at $100 or less.

Declined Gifts

Staff may decline nominal Gifts valued at $100 or less without declaring the gifts. However, staff that have been offered more than one (1) gift within a twelve (12) month period from the same supplier or person, have to declare the gifts by completing and submitting a Gifts Declaration Form.

Procedure for registering gifts

The University maintains a Gifts Register to record all Gifts.  The onus is on a staff member to lodge a Gifts Declaration Form with SGSC about any offered or declined gift within five (5) days of being offered the gift. If the staff member cannot truthfully complete the Declaration, they must not accept the gift being offered.

Gifts provided by Internal Parties where a Conflict of Interest Arises

Conflicts of interest that arise as a result of the University providing staff members with gifts or when staff members are providing gifts to each other, are to be declared by the relevant staff members in accordance with the requirements of the Conflicts of Interest policy.

Staff are reminded that they should not be providing gifts to other staff members in order to obtain a personal benefit or advantage. The ECU Code of Conduct provides that “No staff member shall elicit the improper influence or interest of any person to obtain promotion, transfer or other advantage”. Staff engaging in such conduct may be subject to University sanctioning.

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