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External Placement Agreement Process

The External Placement Agreement Process website provides staff with the necessary tools and resources when selecting appropriate Placement Providers for ECU students who are completing their required work integrated learning (WIL) activity. WIL for the purposes of this website means a WIL activity required as part of an award course or unit of study at ECU.

It is part of our duty of care to provide as far as is reasonably practicable, students with a safe learning environment where both emotional and physical risks have been considered and either eliminated or minimised in circumstances where it is not reasonably practicable to eliminate the risks.

It is not the responsibility of ECU to develop a process on behalf of the Placement Provider, however it is our responsibility to ensure:

  • As far as is reasonably practicable, the environments to which we send our students has an effective process for ensuring their health, safety and wellbeing;
  • That the Placement Provider is aware of their duty of care to ECU students in providing a safe working environment conductive to student learning;
  • The Placement Provider has appropriate health and safety management practices in place, including without limitation an induction for students;
  • That the Placement Provider will provide any relevant manual handling training to students which will ensure they are able to carry out all assigned tasks in a safe manner; and
  • That the Placement Provider has public liability insurance and any other reasonably necessary insurances.

Ongoing communication is required between ECU and the Placement Provider to ensure that there is a clear understanding between all parties on the following:

  • Who has management responsibility for the process;
  • Hazards and risks associated with student placements activities;
  • Who will take action and be responsible to eliminate or minimise the level of risk;
  • How activities may affect the health or safety of others or may support or compromise the risk controls that are put in place;
  • What ECU and the Placement Provider need to do to support the health and safety measures of others; and
  • How best to co-ordinate activities to ensure that we all work together effectively.

The Higher Education Standard Framework (Threshold Standards) 2015 (HES Framework)contemplates that each WIL placement is well-conceived and educationally sound.  The WIL Placement should be linked to clear learning outcomes. ECU must be satisfied that all proposed WIL placements will provide the student with the opportunity to achieve the applicable learning outcomes before proceeding.

The HES Framework also contemplates that the WIL placements are subject to an effective quality assurance system. It is therefore imperative that ECU and the Placement Provider agree on mechanisms to ensure the quality of the student’s experience whilst on WIL placement.  This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring appropriate supervision arrangements are in place, appropriate monitoring by ECU staff of the student’s experience whilst on the WIL and seeking feedback from students at the conclusion of the WIL Placement.

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