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Public Complaints

In accordance with the University's Integrated Complaints Framework the Legal and Integrity (L&I) Unit will maintain a single point of contact for University related formal complaints.  Complaints from students, staff and external parties will be received and/or registered through a central L&I managed interface and will then be allocated by L&I to areas within ECU for investigation.  L&I will gather and maintain university-wide data in relation to complaints which will assist in:

  • identifying risk areas, services and practices; and
  • identifying areas that need improvement.

Any member of the public can make a complaint to the University.  A public complaint can also be made by any student or staff member whose complaint arises outside their enrolment or employment at the University.

Further details on public complaints and how to make them are contained in the ECU Complaints webpage.

The ECU Complaints webpage aims to make the complaints process at ECU a visible and easy to access process.  The ECU complaints webpage includes information on how to make a complaints, who to contact and Public Interest Disclosures.  The ECU Complaints webpage can be accessed from the footer of the ECU home page.

Student and Staff Complaints

Student and staff complaints are managed by the Legal and Integrity Unit (L&I) and the Human Resources Services Centre (HRSC) respectively.  Information on how to make a complaint and the policies that govern the student and staff complaints processes may be accessed from the ECU Complaints webpage.

Complaints Database

L&I maintains a confidential database of all formal student, staff and public complaints.  The information in the database is used for statistical analysis to ensure the University is meeting its complaints service standards and to improve the University's services.

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