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Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities

We all have a part to play in the fulfilling the necessary requirements to show our due diligence with student placements.

Role of the School Office and Operations Manager

  • Facilitate the agreement preparation process by ensuring due diligence and governance;
  • Ensure that the required documents are collated and provided to the Executive Dean for endorsement;
  • Act as a conduit between the School Placement Coordinators and the relevant Service Centres;
  • Ensure that Placement Providers have adequate insurance coverage;
  • Liaise with Strategic and Governance Services regarding placement agreements on the Placement Provider’s terms, or proposed amendments to ECU approved template agreements;
  • Arrange signing of  placement agreements and associated documents  by the Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor  or the Executive Dean as appropriate; and
  • Provide useful tools, resources and workflows for School staff to ensure a seamless process.

Role of the Placement Coordinator

  • Complete a preliminary assessment of proposed new Placement Providers make a determination as to whether the organisation could be selected as an appropriate workplace and whether the proposed placement will provide the student to meet the requirements and learning outcomes of the relevant course or unit;
  • Complete all risk assessment documentation in relation to a proposed WIL Placement in consultation with the Placement Provider and in the event advice is necessary Risk and Assurance;
  • Obtain copies of the Placement Provider’s Certificate of Currency for public liability insurance and where relevant professional indemnity insurance;
  • Liaise with  the Placement Provider, regarding the documentation of a new WIL Placement and liaise with the relevant School’s Operations Manager and Legal and Integrity for advice if necessary;  and
  • Develop rapport and an ongoing working relationship with the Placement Providers and associated contacts including the follow-up of annual visit to the site.

Role of the Placement Provider

  • Take responsibility for the student placement;
  • Provide and maintain as far as practicable a safe working environment and safe systems of work;
  • Provide adequate facilities for the welfare of students and employees;
  • Provide such information, instruction, training or supervision to employees and students that enables them to perform their work safely;
  • To report to ECU student accidents/injuries/near misses or misconduct arising out of the student placement; and
  • Provide adequate public liability insurance as well as other insurance cover depending on the activity of the placement.

Role of the International Office

  • Provide initial advice on potential external placement agreements with organisations based outside of Australia.

Insurance cover requirements

Please refer to the External Placement Insurance Requirements in the Downloads menu. The table below has been developed as a general guide only. Please contact ECU Insurance for further information:

ECU's Certificates of Currency

ECU's Certificates of Currency, both General Liability and Professional Liability, can be downloaded from the Risk and Assurance website

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