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MyPLAN is a set of support tools to assist you with planning and progressing through your research degree.

MyPLAN is available as a set of downloadable word documents on this page. Students and supervisors are advised to download the relevant plans, fill them in as appropriate, and store them with all other required documentation. You may want to consider an environment such as Microsoft Teams if you are using this as an option.

What is in MyPLAN

Here you will find templates that you can personalise to support you through your research journey:

Candidate/Supervisor Agreement
Completing the Candidate/Supervisor Agreement with your supervisor/s is a requirement for Confirmation of Candidature.

The agreement helps you and your supervisor panel establish the supervisory relationship and align your expectations on the roles and responsibilities in the research project.

Learning Plan
The Learning Plans are divided into the three stages of candidature (Early, Mid and Late) to help you list and rank your skills and achievements along the research journey.

The Early Stage Learning plan is required for Confirmation of Candidature for all commencing doctoral students.

The learning plans assist with communicating to your supervisors the skills and knowledge you bring to the research project. It is also a valuable tool for identifying the additional skills, knowledge and training you will need to acquire to successfully complete your research project. The plan you develop can also be fed into an e-portfolio for career planning and development.

Publication Plan
The publication plan encourages you to think about strategically designing your research and thesis to maximise potential publications.

The Publication Plan is an optional tool but strongly recommended.

Candidate/Supervisor Meeting Record

This is a useful tool for keeping your project on track, recording advice from your supervisor and agreed tasks for yourself and the supervisor panel to complete for the next meeting.

The Candidate/Supervisor Meeting Record is an optional tool, but strongly recommended.

Using MyPLAN with Microsoft Teams

If you have a Microsoft Teams environment set up with your supervisors, you can use the platform as a way to store MyPLAN documents and to refer to them when required. Your supervisor will need to set up the environment and invite you into the Team. Information on setting up the online workspace can be found on the Supervising Online page.

You can upload the documents directly into the Files section of the dedicated Microsoft Teams environment, or transfer the content into a OneNote notebook. Information on both of these options can be accessed from the downloads box on the right of this page.

Support for MyPLAN

If you need help to access MyPLAN or want some mentoring or advice on completing your learning plan, please contact a SOAR Ambassador at or Book an appointment.

The components of MyPLAN should be completed in consultation with your supervisor. You may also seek advice from Research support staff within your School or the Graduate Research School.

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