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Thesis types

Your thesis can take a number of forms. The most common forms are:

  • A typescript, i.e. a traditional thesis
  • A creative or literary work or series of works, accompanied by an exegesis*
  • A published book or series of published papers, accompanied by an introduction, literature review and other supporting material. For more information, please refer to the Postgraduate Research Training policy.

Which format?

The proposed format of your thesis should be appropriate for your research topic. Please discuss this with your supervisor prior to commencing or very early in your candidature. 

You may wish to look at copies of previously completed theses to determine what was required by others in a similar field. You can view copies at the Library and some digital copies in Research Online under ’Theses Collections’.

ECU format specifications

There are many publications that provide excellent advice on thesis writing, but this advice may not be relevant to ECU.

You must conform to the format specifications detailed in the ECU policy Postgraduate Research Training and associated guidelines. Your specialist area may also have specific requirements for the format of a thesis.

Submission requirements

Thesis submission requirements are outlined in Part VI Division 6 of the Edith Cowan University (Admission, Enrolment and Academic Progress) Rules.

*An exegesis is a small thesis which presents an academic explanation of the submitted work and/or a description of the linkages between the works.

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