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Writing and presenting your research

A critical part of undertaking research is being able to effectively communicate your findings. The most important part of this is the written thesis, as this is what you’ll be examined on.

The Graduate Research School runs workshops on Academic Writing and Completion Masterclasses to assist you in getting your thesis ready for examination. Further information on thesis submission requirements is provided in the following web pages.

You may consider publishing all or part of your thesis and should be aware of the resources and support available to do this. 

Communicating to a general audience

It’s also important that you can communicate your research to a generalist audience. This could be important for:

  • obtaining grants for your research;
  • writing your graduation citation;
  • participating in the 3MT competition; or
  • promoting your research via the media.

This series of web pages will help you explore the options and support available to help you write and present your research. You’ll also be introduced to more creative formats, such as the Visualising Your Research initiative.

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