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An effective working relationship between you and your supervisors is a key factor in the completion of your research project and the enjoyment of your research journey.

Ideally, your supervisors should be people you can work with comfortably and who can stimulate your intellectual and research potential.

Although you’ll always assume responsibility for your own learning and development, your supervisors will guide and assist you to develop and complete your research project.

Candidate/Supervisor Panel Agreement

The Candidate/Supervisor Panel Agreement is a key document to help you and your supervisors manage expectations about your research journey. It also ensures you plan to develop the skills necessary to undertake your research and plan for a career beyond your degree.

You should arrange a meeting with your supervisors early in your candidature to get started on your Candidate/Supervisor Panel Agreement.

You’ll need to:

  • Develop a two-three-page agreement including supervisor panel selection and Research, Professional and Career Skills Audit;
  • Review the agreement each semester when you meet with your supervisors to discuss your progress report; and

For interim meetings with your supervisor you may wish to use the Student/Supervisor meeting record document to help you keep track of your discussions, ideas, plans and commitments.


Supervision policy and guidelines are based on the Australian code for the responsible conduct of research.

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