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Information for examiners

The role of examiner is integral in assessing the quality and significance of a thesis. It’s also the final opportunity for candidates to obtain and respond to peer review of their research project, and to produce the highest quality thesis they can. Your critical review and advice is much appreciated.

The information below outlines ECU’s examination procedures and our expectations of examiners.

Expectations of examiners

  • Examiners are asked to complete the examination within 6 weeks of the receipt of the thesis. Where an examination is expected to take longer, examiners should contact Research Assessments as early as possible.
  • Examiners should read the thesis or exegesis and complete the examination reports in conjunction with the examination guidelines.
  • There should be no contact with the student or supervisor during the examination process. All contact should be with Research Assessments.
  • The thesis should not be returned unless specifically requested. All comments should be made on the Examination report or attached documentation.
  • Examiners may be asked to attend an oral examination for some doctoral candidates.

Conflict of interest

We expect students, supervisors and examiners to adhere to the Conflict of Interest Guidelines recommended by the Council of Deans and Directors of Graduate Studies in Australia.

Receiving the thesis

Research Assessments will send you a hard and/or electronic copy of the thesis or exegesis with any additional components, such as creative works, along with examiner guidelines and reports and paperwork related to the honorarium payment.

If you have any queries during the examination process, including non-receipt of, or misplacing of your forms, you should contact Research Assessments.

Returning the examiner’s report

We ask that you return your report within six weeks from receipt of the thesis. If it becomes evident that this is not possible, please contact Research Assessments as soon as possible. Please note:

  • To minimise postal delays, it is most helpful if examiners fax or e-mail recommendations and return the original documents in the mail.
  • Reports may be faxed, e-mailed or posted to Research Assessments, Student Services Centre.
  • Please make all notations within the examination report or attached documents, not on the thesis.
  • Please do not return the thesis unless you are requested to do so. The thesis, exegesis and/or associated components should be confidentially destroyed.

Australian examiners should complete and return the following to Research Assessments:

  • Examiner report;
  • One-off payment form;
  • Tax file number declaration form; and
  • Evidence of your Australian working rights (see below).

Evidence of Australian working rights can be shown by providing certified copies of one of the following documents:

For Australian citizens:

  • Australian passport; or
  • Australian citizenship certificate or certificate of evidence of Australian citizenship and another form of photo identification such as a drivers licence; or
  • Full Australian birth certificate for a person born before 20 August 1986 and another form of photo identification such as a drivers licence; or
  • Full Australian birth certificate for a person born on or after 20 August 1986, showing that at least one parent was born in Australia and another form of photo identification such as a drivers licence.

For Visa holders:

  • Passport with visa entitlement and personal identification page; or
  • Electronic visa and another form of identification such as passport personal identification page; or
  • Consent to check visa details with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

International examiners should complete and return the following to Research Assessments:

  • Examiner report;
  • International Electronic Funds Transfer: Bank Details form; and
  • Statement by a supplier.

Examiner guidelines and reports

There are different examiner guidelines and reports, depending on the discipline and level of the thesis being examined. You’ll be instructed as to which guidelines and reports are appropriate for the thesis or exegesis you’re examining.

Refer to Examiner guidelines and reports for a comprehensive list.

Examiner anonymity

The University doesn’t withhold the names of examiners from candidates, unless requested by the examiner(s).

  • If an examiner requests that their report remains anonymous then all reports will be de-identified before being sent to the student and supervisor.
  • If no examiner makes this request then all reports will show examiner details when they are released to the student and supervisor.

Examiner anonymity is not possible for examiners involved in oral examination of the thesis.

Honorarium payments

Honorarium payments are made to examiners who are not employed by ECU. Our payments are based on the standard amounts recommended by Universities Australia:

  • AUS$462 for a PhD, Higher Doctorates, and Professional Doctorates, where the thesis comprises more than 66% of the assessment; and
  • AUS$260 for a Masters by thesis and non-research Professional Doctorates.

Australian examiners

Honorarium payments to Australian examiners are taxable. To reduce the amount of tax deducted from your payment you should complete and return the Tax File Number Declaration form, along with the One-Off Payment form provided by Research Assessments.

International examiners

Honorarium payments to International examiners will be via direct deposit into a nominated account. You should complete and return the International Electronic Funds Transfer Bank Details and Statement by a supplier forms provided by Research Assessments.


Research Assessments
Student Services Centre
Building 34, Level 2
270 Joondalup Drive, Joondalup WA 6027
Telephone: (61 8) 6304 3911
Facsimile: (61 8) 6304 2055

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