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ECU has a vibrant research culture that is recognised nationally and internationally. Undertaking a research project at ECU is a major commitment of time and resources.

Your research journey will take you through a number of stages and milestones. This part of the website covers what to expect during those stages, including your responsibilities, the important role of your supervisors and where you can seek advice and support.

Getting started

At the beginning of your research journey there are many actions that you can take to get started.

In this section we outline:

  • 8 steps to getting started;
  • your research journey; and
  • the Graduate Research Induction Program
  • Research Integrity Epigeum Program

Managing your candidature

Throughout your candidature there’ll be stages where you’re required to schedule meetings with your supervisor/s, discuss and report on your progress and seek advice from a range of sources.

This section includes:

  • supervision and responsibilities;
  • enrolment and variations;
  • progress reporting;
  • research scholarships; and
  • feedback and advice

Confirmation of candidature

Confirmation of candidature is a major milestone in your research journey. This section guides you through the process and requirements to achieve confirmation of candidature.

This includes:

  • the research proposal & seminar;
  • ethics approval;
  • risk assessment; and
  • Turnitin.

Designing & undertaking your research

Good research design is important for attaining your desired outcomes, completing your degree within the allocated time-frame and having your research well-received by examiners.

This section includes:

  • responsible research;
  • conceptualising your research;
  • reviewing the literature;
  • research design;
  • project management; and
  • data management

Writing & presenting your research

A critical part of undertaking research is being able to effectively communicate your findings. This series of web pages will help you explore the options and support available to help you write and present your research.

Thesis examination

The examination process is the final phase of your research journey.

This section guides you through the process and requirements of thesis examination, including:

  • preparing for examination;
  • after thesis examination;
  • completion of degree; and
  • information for examiners
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