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Roles and responsibilities

Your supervisory panel can be made up of a combination of supervisory roles, as defined in this table:

Supervisory PanelAt least two supervisors, who can be Co-principal, or Principal plus Associate, Coordinating or External supervisors.
Principal and Co-PrincipalSupervisor who takes the lead in terms of overall accountability.
Associate supervisorAn associate supervisor may be appointed to the supervisor panel to provide specialist knowledge in a particular aspect of a student’s research. An associate supervisor will also ensure continuity of supervision during leave of the principal supervisor.
Coordinating supervisorSupervisor responsible for ensuring all supervisory administration and reporting requirements are met. This supervisor will receive all relevant correspondence relating to the candidate, and is responsible for communication with and between other supervisors. The Coordinating supervisor must be a member of ECU staff
External supervisorSupervisor who is external to ECU, including industry or another University.

Your supervisor panel provides you with continuous support in researching and producing a thesis to the best of your ability.

How your panel helps

Your panel will assist you by:

  • identifying training and support needs, as well as developing new skills and a career plan;
  • developing a publication plan and discussing which conferences you may present your research at; monitoring your performance relative to meeting agreed milestones;
  • monitoring the standard of work required for the degree you’re studying; and
  • ensuring you develop a comprehensive study that is achievable within the allowed timeframes and makes a substantial contribution to new knowledge and your discipline.

The primary responsibility for the undertaking, active pursuit and completion of the research rests with you as the research candidate.

How to succeed

Maintaining regular contact with your supervisor panel, submitting materials in time for feedback before scheduled meetings, and discussing issues with your supervisor panel as they arise will help you succeed in your degree.

The Candidate/Supervisor Panel Agreement and the policy on Supervision of Students Undertaking Higher Degrees by Research provide further information on the responsibilities of and expectations on your supervisor panel and you.

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