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Travel Insurance

Important Notice - Travel Plans and COVID-19

ECU has travel insurance cover provided by AIG.  If travel plans have changed due to circumstances surrounding Corona virus (COVID-19), you are able to submit a claim to AIG for consideration.  

AIG considers COVID-19 to be a “known” circumstance from 2 March 2020. Travel arrangements made prior to 2 March 2020 will be considered by AIG as per their normal claims process.  If travel arrangements were made after 2 March 2020, AIG will consider those claims based on the individual circumstances and merits of the claim submitted and the claim may not be settled in full.  This is at the discretion of the insurer and is not influenced by ECU.  

If you wish to submit a claim for consideration, please complete the travel claim form and include the following:

  • Copy of the original travel booking and itinerary
  • Reason for cancellation (such as copy of ECU’s email confirming all travel to be suspended; correspondence from conference organiser that event has been cancelled due to COVID-19 etc)
  • Confirmation of any reimbursement received from travel provider (Orbit, Airline, Third Party Provider) or, alternatively, confirmation that no refund is available due to cancellation of travel plans
  • Outline the amount being claimed

Please ensure the completed claim form is signed.  Once complete, scanned copies of all documents, including the claim form, can be sent to  ECU will complete the authorisation section at the top of page 2 of the claim form and then submit the claim on behalf of the school, centre or traveller.

Any travel costs paid for by ECU, research grant or government body, must be repaid accordingly. If the claim is accepted, the claim settlement could be paid directly into an ECU bank account. Please email Revenue for details and provide the Flexfield where the funds should be transferred to and the full amount claimed.

Any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Insurance team.

ECU maintains comprehensive travel insurance for students and staff.

The travel insurance is a corporate travel policy cover which is limited to a period of 180 days of continuous travel. If you are travelling for longer that the 180 day limit, contact for further advice.

The Risk and Assurance Services Unit has an assistance guide for any person travelling, with helpful travel hints, which can be downloaded and kept with your travel assistance card.

ECU Students and Staff are covered for most leisure activities that may be undertaken during travel. However, the following activities may not be covered by the travel insurance policy for staff or students:

  • Snow skiing – if inexperienced and no training has been provided.
  • Helicopter or Deep Snow Skiing.
  • Parachuting or Skydiving.
  • Rock climbing requiring the use of ropes or guides.
  • White water rafting (Grade 4 rapids or higher).
  • BASE jumping.
  • Professional Sports Activities (where payment is received).
  • Racing (unless on foot).
  • Open water diving (unless you have an open water diving ticket or are using an accredited diving company).
  • Any other dangerous or hazardous activities – if you are unsure, please contact for advice.

Policy numbers

Travel insurance policy numbers are as follows:

  • Students 2600139457
  • Staff 2600139456

ECU Students are covered through the ECU Student travel insurance policy when travelling as part of an ECU organised study tour, study abroad or exchange (for one semester only).

If you are travelling on an exchange program and will be overseas for more than 180 days, you will need to arrange your own travel insurance for the entire duration of your trip. All students undertaking two semester exchange must arrange their own insurance for the entire duration of the trip.

If you are a student travelling as part of a study tour or study abroad program and you are taking more than seven (7) days of private travel, you will need to purchase your own travel insurance for your private travel.

All staff members are covered under the ECU travel insurance policy if travel has been approved through the Travel Approval System (TAS). If travel has not been booked and arranged through TAS then cover under the ECU staff travel insurance policy does not apply. Associated private travel is included for staff up to a maximum of seven (7) days.  Note that there may be Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) implications for private travel taken in addition to business travel.  Please refer to the Finance and Business Services Centre website for more information.

The ECU travel insurance portal is provided by AIG. You can obtain an online quote for AIG travel insurance through the link provided, subject to the disclaimer below.

  • Students can access the ECU travel insurance portal if they are taking more than seven (7) days private travel outside of an authorised study tour or one-semester exchange; or participating in a two-semester exchange.
  • Students and Staff are permitted to use the portal for any private travel being taken.
  • If you have already left Australia, but need to arrange insurance cover for private travel, you can also use this portal as all arrangements are made online.

Important note about AIG travel insurance

The link provided should not be construed as solicitation or an offer to purchase travel insurance from AIG. ECU is not an agent or broker of AIG. Students and staff should consider their own personal financial needs and circumstances when making a decision about their travel insurance requirements.

Alternatively, you may wish to search for other online travel insurance providers, which may include:

  • World Nomads
  • 1cover - already abroad travel insurance
  • Travel Insurance Direct


AIG Travel Insurance Portal

AIG provide worldwide assistance services to ECU students and staff through Travel Guard.  When traveling on behalf of ECU, you can access the Travel Guard website which provide up-to-date information on any country to which you are traveling, including email alerts.

This support facility will provide updates in relation to local emergency or security threats as well as general information about the location, including alerts relating to public transport or traffic delays.  Signing up to Travel Guard is optional for students and highly recommended for staff members or tour leaders who travel on behalf of ECU.

To log in, visit AIG Travel Assistance Australia and click on Register Here.  You can set your username and password but you must note the ECU travel insurance policy number applicable to you - either student or staff.  Policy numbers are: 

  • Student: 2600139457
  • Staff: 2600139456

You may also wish to download the free mobile app for Travel Guard.

If you have any queries, please contact for further information.

Students who are participating in study abroad programs should visit the Smartraveller website.

Smartraveller is a function of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and provides students with important details to consider as part of accepting an exchange offering.  These tips include:

  • Checking host institution insurance requirements – including: Exemption requests
  • Whether host institution health insurance provides cover for any activities you participate in “away” from campus
  • Arranging “power of attorney” whilst away

You may also be interested in the Smartraveller Facebook page.


If you are taking private travel in excess of seven (7) days or if you are travelling for more than 180 days and need to purchase your own travel insurance cover, check the most suitable limits of cover you would need to purchase on our Preparing for departure web page.


Any insurance information provided is of a general nature and does not take into consideration an individual’s personal financial circumstances. Please contact your personal financial planner for specific financial advice.

Staff and students may be able to hire a vehicle overseas provided they have an international driving license and a valid Australian license.

ECU's travel insurance policy does not provide cover for any vehicle hired during authorised travel. If you hire a vehicle whilst travelling on behalf of ECU, you are responsible to obtain the appropriate insurance cover through the hire car company.

Travel insurance cover only applies for the excess you would be charged if you damage the vehicle hired.

Please contact if you have any queries about this cover.

For travel insurance claims, see our Claims web page.

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